Carrying a fixed-blade knife IWB?

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    Does anyone do this? I did for a while, taking a standard knife sheath and bending the belt loop backwards so it could attach to my belt while the body was inside my pants. It worked okay, and I went to a folder after becoming licensed to carry an actual firearm.

    But, does anyone do this? I have only actually ever personally seen one fixed-blade knife with a sheath actually designed to be carried concealed. It was some smallish Gerber with a 3" Tanto blade, IIRC. Thus, I know it is not super common. I have read articles on different ways people do it and they were basically Intro-To-IWB-Carrying-A-Knife articles similar to what a new CCer might read about when searching for carry positions.

    Now, I have a pretty nice Folder that I trust completely (Cold Steel, 4" blade), but I have had this urge to get something fixed for IWB carry.

    Whadya think? Have you done it? Is it valuable being able to get to it that much faster? Does quick access outweigh the convenience of simply throwing the folder in your pocket?
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    I do, its a Bud Nealy Aikuchi.
    You're able to carry them in almost any position you can think of.
    My only problem with his knives are the price tag...for some of them you can get a new carry weapon.
    Check him out:
    Welcome to
    But before you do carry a fixed blade knife, check your local laws and see what's needed to do so legally.

    Happy Shooting
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    Boot knife or Horizontal belt carry sheaths for me. You have to be able to get to your knife quickly, and somewhat unnoticeable and draw in one swift, smooth motion.

    Horizontal carry is very comfortable and concealable.


    Sunrise River Custom Knives and sheaths

    As always, check your individual state laws for carry and YMMV. :cool:
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    I keep a buck skinning knife in my back pocket it tucks nice and you can draw quick. I figure I will eventually wind up with stiches but havent yet.
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    I find IWB dosnt agree with me. I live in a state that dosent care how big your knife blade is. I've been carrying my 7'' bowie knife(coldsteel recon scout) for six months. From the bank to the Sheirffs office wirh no problems. That and i dont trust folders of any type, one to many locks failing.