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    I have read about this issue a lot on forums and in magazines What is the best way to carry your firearm? Am I carrying full size 1911 or a little pocket gun? Now I want everybody to remember while we are talking about holster selection when you buy a holster you get what you pay for. I think some of the first things you should think about when picking out a holster, is the weapon concealed? can I access my weapon in a timely manner? is it comfortable?

    What season is it? Is it warm or cold? Do I need a coat or can I get away with a tee-shirt? There are other considerations you have to make these are just a few.

    I want talk about waist style holsters, shoulder rigs, and alternatives.

    The 3 basic waist holsters you have is iwb, belt mounted, and paddle.

    I believe that for concealment that the Iwb offers the best choices it uses the body and the inside of the pants to support it. But I believe it can be uncomfortable to wear all day long,

    Belt mounted which the name suggest hook onto your belt A good belt is a must you got to hold up the pants you don’t want to drop the britches when u least expect it. I believe while belt mounted can be bulky I believe they offer some very good retention devices to make sure the gun stays secure and with a good outer garment they will stay hidden,

    Paddle holsters are another style that is offered which the firearm is on the outside while a paddle slides on the inside of the pants and a good belt holds the holster close to the body and in place. Like the belt holster they offer good retention devices to keep the firearm into place and with a good outer garment they are concealable.

    Shoulder holsters have been around for a very long time they where made popular on TV shows such as Miami Vice, and movies like Dirty Harry. You feel lucky punk, well do ya. The shoulder holster slides over the shoulder and can be concealed under a outer garment. It offers the user to draw quickly. Also if the wearer has to sit for long periods time they can be benefit.

    Some alternative holsters you have are belly bands they offer really good deep conceablilty but really slow to get to. Also if you’re a big guy like me your prolly have a hard time wearing one. You have fanny pack’s if something like that doesn’t scream HEY IM CARRING A GUN I don’t know what does. While I believe great for carrying your firearms. I believe they kind of mark you to. Ankle holsters is another option they can be good with a small back up gun but to be used as a primary carry option I just don’t think they are fast enough. Polly another holster that big guys want to stay away from I know I do. And lets not for get pocket holsters you take a small revolver or semi-auto and slide it in the holster and drop it right into your pocket and your off. I like to carry these as back up to my main weapon, but if im just mowing the yard or off to the store it’s a quick grab and slide into the pocket.

    While not all your options out there they are a few hope it was some what helpful. If your have your opinions please put them in because we all want to learn what people think works and don’t.

    Fatman out

    Some companies that offer some of theses holsters are Blackhawk, Galco, Fobus, Safariland
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    Personally, I'm a belt mounted holster kind of guy but will confess to using paddles in some instances due to the convenience of removal when arriving at the office. Of course the paddle is still technically a belt mount;).

    As to manufacturers, my first choice is Galco. In my experience, they have always had the best selection for a handgun of any other company. Even when the the handgun is not real common, like my Sig P239. A lot of companies only have an approximate generic sized holster for it. Galco has multple choices in various leathers, colors, IWB, belt, etc.

    They are not cheap, but they are well made and last. My oldest is at least 20 years old and still in great shape and I carry a heavy Ruger GP100 with a 4" barrel in it.

    My experience is you get what you pay for. No, I have no ties to Galco except for being a loyal customer who has strayed once to a different well known company and went back to Galco over fit and quality issues.

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    Right now I have a Fobus paddle holster for my .380 and I hate it. I'm shopping for a IWB holster right now.
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    Defently look at Galco they prolly make one. I really depends on how much your willing to spend.
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    You can't have just one concealed carry holster anymore than you can have just one set of clothes. You need to be able to adapt to different carry situations.

    I don't like paddles, either. I have five different holsters for my default carry piece, an iwb, a pancake, a polymer belt slide, a Galco leather belt holster and a Bianchi leather shoulder rig. 5 holsters gives me latitude. Without a doubt the Galco and Bianchi are the most comfortable.
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    You want comfort get a Milt Sparks Versa Max II;

    Versa Max 2

    If you don't have 8 months to wait for the VMII get a CrossBreed Super Tuck Deluxe.

    SuperTuck Deluxe

    You can carry a FS 1911 all day! Hell, I carry my 460 Rowland with little problem.

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    One key point I would humbly call your attention to- RETENTION of the sidearm by the holster. While we would assume that it is going to keep the arm in the holster- take a look at it. I have seen holsters that retain a gun only by the force of gravity, or a spring clip. Works great until holster is no longer vertical (answering call of nature, drop trou, and have piece hit the floor and go skittering over into the next stall)

    A second matter- more of the fairer sex is now carrying- and they have challenges all their own- including fashions that may not include a belt.
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    You are right kind sir on all parts i did fail to mention holsters for women and retention holsters. While im not the person to ask about women and holsters that prolly would be my wife. I will and can put another post on retention holsters if you would like.
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    1st choice Cossbreed iwb, I own one for almost all my ccw weapons.

    2nd Galco owb or Bianchi

    3rd paddle Kydex paddle type, great for retention but not as comfortable as leather imo

    4th and a must for certain situations and everyone should have atleast one is a quality shoulder rig, mine is also a galco.

    I could prob buy another new Kimber for what I have invested in holsters :(
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    I'll check them out. And the cost doesn't concern me if it's worth it and I hear they are.

    What kind of holster do you use for a tucked in shirt with no jacket?
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    "What kind of holster do you use for a tucked in shirt with no jacket?"[/QUOTE]

    prolly a pocket holster would be a good bet