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Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by KnowledgeIsPowe, Jun 12, 2007.

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    I was wondering if any of you would bring up carrying at work during the interview process. If so, at what stage do you do so? How do you broach the subject? Would you pass even applying for a job based solely on your expectation that you couldn't carry there? And is anyone principled enough to pass on a position for this reason alone?
  2. FlyboyLDB

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    I wouldn't broach the subject during an interview process. I would examine the employment/company policy - if carrying is barred - then you have a choice to make. Although as an employer I would allow carry, I would find it puzzling as to why one would inquire during an interview process about such - as would it also raise a flag if someone inquired to vacation time during the interview process - these are questions, along with salary and benefits that you could bring up & discuss if the job was offered. If someone inquires to pay/benefits/time off/vacation during the initial interview - then I do not consider them any further - this is my time to learn about your qualifications and get an idea of your persona. If I like what is presented thus far - then the next step is negotiations - how much do I desire to have you work for my company? What am I willing to comprimise on to get you in here? This is where you would get to request/bargin for what you want. I had one employee bring his 9mm to work - no problem. When he decided to sell it - I even thought about purchasing. He had asked before hand - after he was hired - if I minded if he brought it to work - nope I sure don't - just don't scare any of our customers by open carry - only requirment. jmo

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    I agree with Flyboy on bringing up the subject....A real turn-off. Concealed means concealed, especially at work...
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    carrying at work

    the right to carry is a constitutional right, i wouldnt think that a company would have the right to abridge that right, but concealed is concealed, i wouldnt even ask the question. i would make sure i had a damn good answer in case someone down the road saw me carrying, but dont be foolhardy and telegraph your intent