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    Interested in thoughts on carry positions.

    My normal carry weapon is an M&P9c in a Remora IWB holster. I'm right handed and carried it over my wallet on my right back pocket.

    Recently, I've tried carrying the gun in the same spot, but turning the gun the opposite way. Now, the butt points to my right side instead of towards the middle of my back. It's a little slower to draw, as now I have to slide my fingers between the gun and my back instead of kind of pressing the gun against my back and "dragging" it out of the holster until I get a firm grip.

    But, there are a number of other perceived advantages for me.

    1. The rig fits more comfortably, because the width of the slide is positioned more towards the small of my back, where my pants have more room.

    2. It is significantly more comfortable when driving. Typically, I move the gun to the console, but when running a lot of errands where I'm in and out of my truck a lot, it's just easier to keep it on me. It's much more comfortable this way, again I think, because there's more room between the small of my back than there is at the more traditional 5:00 position.

    3. It's easier to draw while in the vehicle from this position. It's still slow, mind you. But it's more natural to get your hand back there and get a good grip than if the gun were carried in the traditional orientation.

    4. The gun doesn't seem to print nearly as much when covered by a lightweight shirt. Especially when bending over.

    Other than a slightly slower draw, are there any other factors I should be considering?
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    Try it over your front pocket carried just high enough to allow setting. No problems with any rear side pain , no problems bend over and hanging clothing on your CC or out lineing it. And way easier to draw from any possition. No leaning to draw while setted. Seat belt also clears it by running behind it when driveing. You can't carry a full size in this possition IWB but many compacts and all subs will allow it.

  3. spack762

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    Shoulder rig for me. Easy draw with either hand, and from most postions. Plus some rigs help keep my paints up.