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  1. ShootSlowly

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    What if you own a gun and you don't have a concealed firearms license but you want to transport it to a new place that you're moving to, is bringing it with you in the car illegal or can it be legal if you're storing the gun in a locked box? Thanks
  2. Spartan

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    depends on your resident state or the state you are moving to. some have peaceful journey others dont, some have non applicability clauses on peaceful journey such as texas. theoretically, if you are of legal possessing age, most states allow for the transporting of a personal firearm in a lock box in the trunk of the vehicle you are using, as long as it is not loaded and the ammo is separate from the weapon location. but check your local ordinances, or, do the trunk thing, and dont volunteer any info, plain sight is one thing, but they need a warrant to search your trunk. drive safe

  3. 45forlife

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    In georgia you don't need a permit to have a gun in your vehicle as long as it is in your glove compartment, console or open view. Oh and if you are eligible to get a permit.
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    Alaska makes things so simple here...concealed carry (and in most of the state, open carry) without a permit!