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  1. nastyogre

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    I'm flying to Alabama on Monday and I'd like to bring my pistol with me. I've checked the airline rules for transport but I'm wondering if it's ok to possess a handgun while I'm there as long as its unloaded? I'm not carrying nor do I have a ccw but I'd still like to have it in my briefcase if possible. Any help is greatly appreciated. Oh, BTW I'm a Nevada resident if that means anything.
  2. PlaysWithZombies

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    I think the best thing to do would be to contact the alabama state police and ask them, i wouldn't take legal advice from anyone on the internet.

  3. mountainman13

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    Agreed. And if you do bring it make sure you leave ammo home and that it is locked in a hard case and you declare it when you check it.
    The airports can be a nightmare. I recently got bum rushed for having a replica firearm (an antique black powder pistol hat pin).
  4. vincent

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    1-Never take legal advice from an internet forum. Here's a link...

    Permit or not, NV and AL don't share reciprocity...

    2-Why would you want to carry an UNLOADED gun anyways???

    Having it in your briefcase is still carrying...I'd leave it home if I were you...:cool:
  5. gandog56

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    This is true, what possible use is it to you if it's unloaded. Don't think it would be a bright idea waving an empty one in a bad guy's face. Generally the states allow you to convey it in some sort of case that is MADE to carry the gun, as long as there are no loaded mags in or around it. If it's too easy to load the gun, it's probably illegal.
  6. partdeux

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    I would suggest that taking legal advice from a police officer can be worse than the internet. I'm amazed at what comes out of LEO's mouths sometimes. At least on the internet, it's out there for debate, cites, and corrections.
  7. Davo45

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    One thing about the internet, one may claim to be anything. That does not mean that they are what they claim to be. Just saying. ;)
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    As it was stated earlier Alabama does not share reciprocity with can thank the Nevada state legislature for that.this being said if you are in Alabama on a regular basis it is possible for you to get an Alabama CCW using your business address.
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    Read the concealed firearms statutes for the different states- they all vary. However, in GENERAL, a handgun in a briefcase, with the briefcase in hand IS a concealed firearm, and can not recall ever seeing that a gun had to be loaded to be a concealed weapon.

    Not a good idea.
  10. Bravo_Sixx

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    ... not to hijack this dude, but I just read in a book that it is legal to have a loaded firearm in the front seat of an automobile, not concealed, in the State of Alabama -- I figured it had to be concealed no matter where - anyone heard of this?
  11. Devin556

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    You need to check the laws on the book to be certain nut from all of my research on Alabama gun laws if it enters your vehicle it is concealed no matter where it is. Now if it is in a locked container, unloaded, and separated from the ammunition with both being out of your reach it isn't a concealed weapon. Now, they are working on passing a law right now that will make it to where you can have a handgun in your vehicle without having a ccp, but it's in the works and not law. Again though, I am not a lawyer nor do I study law, do your own research of the laws and find out on your own.
  12. Bravo_Sixx

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    Thanks man. It was a huge book on survival stuff for the whole Country and that's what they said about Alabama ... we are a "may issue" State so they rate us low too.

    I'll just call my Sheriff and ask him ... he's always approves as if we were a "shall issue" and he said he's not putting up with Federal bull-crap ... so, I feel good with him in office - just to be safe, I'll call and as him about the open carry in-car.

    Thanks -