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    Lets start off by saying that I have a Glock 19 9mm. This is my carry gun and currently carry 147gr Golden Saber hollowpoints. I had always thought this ammunition would do the most damage. I have been hearing alot about the 124gr gold dot +p hollowpoint. How do the rounds compare and which would be better for carry? Can my Glock even shoot +P rounds?
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    I have shot +p from my 17 which has seen nearly 2,200+ rounds (most of which was not +p) and have not had a problem. A friend of mine with North Portland PD runs +p thru is duty Glock 19 and 26.

    always hear one way or the other on whether it is a good idea or not. Being a huge fan of the Golden Saber (picked up MANY boxes of it in 9mm and .45 from a shop closing locally), I would say that stuff will "saucer" a BG fairly well.


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    Hot loads greatly shorten the life of a recoil spring.
    Contact your dealer and get an extra recoil spring.
    That way your gun won't be down because you overlooked that detail.
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    I shoot cor bon's from my cz-75b that I carry. They are 124gr +p.

    I'm sure the glock will handle +p rounds, a few of them anyway, then supposedly it will explode into fragments with a 15ft kill radius.......that's the rumor. :rolleyes:
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    I prefer the 120-something grain variety for 9mm. My choice is the Winchester Ranger 127gr +P+. Keep in mind that it packs a punch on both ends. So while I wouldn't recommend it for a sub-compact, it'll work okay for a lot of people in medium framed gun like a G19.
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    I prefer smaller bullets with more power. I want my bullets to go as fast as possible without damaging the firearm. I want speed over mass. The HPs will expand and add volume after they enter the BG. This is why I changed out my barrel on my G27 & now carry it with 357sig JHPs. Give me speed over size in PD...basically the opposite of what most women want in a sex partner.

    ...+p (or +p+) 9mm ammo in a smaller grain is my preference.
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    I've carried 115 gr Federal Hyra-shoks +P+ for more than 20 years in my Sig 226 and have gone through 8,000 to 10,000 rouds, I don't keep a log, without any problem. I don't know why a Glock couldn't do the same.
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    The fear is that +P ammo will make a glock go kaboom.

    Rest assured it won't. Both my friends shoot +p out of their glocks.

    I also own a Glock 19, I've fired two types of SD ammo out of it. 115 grain Magtech Guardian Gold and Gold Dot 124 grain. (which is what I currently use)

    I would recommend the gold dot ammo, it mushrooms beautifully, look at what it did to this watermelon I shot.


    As for the grain, I've been told 115 grain works best in sub-compact, 124 grain in compact, and 147 grain in full-size.
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    Here is some info that may help.

    Here is some info that may help.

    ** Golden Saber **
    9mm BJHP 147 320 990
    9mm BJHP 124 349 1125
    9mm +p BJHP 124 384 1180

    Cor-Bon Ammunition Ballistics

    Round Type Weight Muzzle Energy (ftlbs.) Muzzle Velocity (fps)
    9mm DPX 80 300 1300
    9mm +p DPX 115 399 1250
    9mm +p JHP 90 450 1500
    9mm +p JHP 115 466 1350
    9mm +p JHP 125 434 1250
    ** Glaser Safety Slug **
    9mm +p SS 80 300 1500
    ** Pow'r Ball **
    9mm +p PB 100 467 1450
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    something different

    Try Magtech 95gr. JSP-FLAT (9D) 1300 fps recoil seems less in my Keltec PF9.