Carl Zeiss Scopes

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    Carl Zeiss scopes:

    I have a Zeiss Conquest 3-9 x44 on my 223 and am very impressed with it. As compared with my Burris Fullfield II on my 7 mm mag there is no comprising the two. The Burris is not even close to the class to me.

    I am looking to maybe get a Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20x50. I have looked through several scopes at the pawn shop, Nikon, Leupold, Pentex, & Millett. All of them loose sharpness at 10x and up, some worse than others. From your experience will the Zeiss stay clear up to the 20x? And what about the Victory, what difference would I see between the Conquest Vs the Victory
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    I have a Conquest 6.5 - 20x50 and i have noticed no lose in sharpness form what i can tell, its an excellent scope. I have it on my .308 and it feels like a match made in heaven. It was worth every penny. According to their documentation you do want to make sure you get a 20 MOA riser for it to allow for elevation adjustments.

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    Compared to what? That is the ultimate question. 99.9% of the scopes out there will loose some percentage of clarity, light transmittion as you get higher. Comparing the conquest to the Fullfeild is apples to oranges. Zeiss makes quality, even in their low end scopes. The lenses in their "budget" line are Japanese, which does not make them bad.
    I've had great success w/ Sightron scopes. The Big Sky series are really impressive. When I bought an SII 3-12x42mmAO I brought it to the range. It really pissed off my buddy using a Leupold markIII. Mine was much nicer w/ an equal guarentee at 1/2 the price at the time. I put an SII big sky 6.5-20x42mmAO for my .223 HB, it is outstanding.
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    The Zeiss Conquest line is a very high quality scope.Even though it has Japanese glass instead of the German glass,it is one of the front runners of the upper priced lower tier scopes.
    The Victory line is a far superior scope than the Conquest.The quality of the scope is in another dimmension.
    Kind of like comparing a base Volkswagon to a top of the line BMW. But the price tag is in another dimmension also with the Victory line scopes.

    Like JP stated,Sightron scopes are very high quality optics. I really like the Sightron SIII series scopes,and have 4 of their 6-24x50 scopes as well as a 4-16x42 SII scope.The SIII series will run right with the Conquest in any catagory,plus has a great deal more adjustment range for long range work.
    Another brand that will impress you with optic clarity and brightness,and is also a well built scope is Weaver.The Super Slam line is their top scope and is a very good scope.The Classic Extreme line that was discontinued for the Super Slam line is also a very good scope.Both lines have some neat features,and will also run with the Conquest in any catagory.
    I mounted a Super Slam on my 458 SOCOM,and have been very impressed with the quality of it,and I recently purchased two 6-24x50 Classic Extreme's from Natchez Shooters Supply for my varmint rigs,and have also been very pleased with them.For the price,they are too good to pass up-Closeout priced at $350.