Carl Gustaf Mauser

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    That particular sportered rifle? Or M96 rifles in general. That sporter is only worth $200.00 in my eyes. Nothing really spectacular has been done w/ it. They chopped the barrel, removed the rear sight, cut and refinished the stock, it does not look to be drilled and tapped for a scope. That will cost $20.00+ per hole x4. Then the bolt handle needs to be turned down, $120.00 more. Adding 200.00 to make it actually be able to hit a target is foolish. You would have $500.00 into it. You could find a Commercial Husqvarna or HVA for less if you want a Swedish hunter.
    Now an M96 is original configuration goes for about 350.00 to 450.00 on the current market.

    Quality, second to none. That rifle has a '96 Mauser action, all M96 and M38's did. Commercial rifles depending on how old they are used '94, '96, and large and small ring '98 actions. The commercial rifles are outstanding as the military rifles are. I have 3 Commercial hunters.
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    Not worth no 290 bucks, at least not to me...............maybe $200.00 maybe..........
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    Have to agree w/ what the above two posters said. The gun pictured is a "bubba" gun. It is not really a sporter and the collector value has been totally destroyed. Not worth very much unless you just WANT to do an expensive and proper conversion. However, the Swedish 96 is one of the smoothest actions around, and quite strong; and, the 6.5x55 is a great cartridge.