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    Happy 4th!
    I just ordered an M1A National Match. It will be my first gas operated firearm. I was ordering a spare magazine and noticed listings of numerous parts and tools. Combo tool, gas cylinder tool, belt roller greaser, etc. ?????
    I have everything for cleaning all kinds of firearms. None gas operated. What do I need to keep the new arrival in tip top operating shape?
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    Congrats!!!! And welcome aboard. First post and a SM.

    There are several "M14 specific" tools you may want, but don't really need.

    Castle nut pliers to help you remove and reinstall the flash hider/muzzle break.

    Combo wrench to remove the gas plug, though any 3/8" wrench will work.

    A good torque wrench to get your gas plug reinstalled the same every time.

    Gas cylinder wrench.

    An empty .30-06 or .270 shell casing will let you replace extractors, but you can buy a bolt disassembly tool if you want to.

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    Thanks! I was worried that I would need a new tool box for 1 rifle.
    This is a great website, so much info and friendly.