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    I know a lot of people don't care for the Bushmaster Carbon 15, but my son wanted a AR and his girlfriend bought him one. Well the other day my son came over with his Bushmaster Carbon 15 and he has a problem with it, the problem is he can't pull the bolt back with a loaded mag in it. The same thing with an unloaded PMAG. Now the steel mag works fine as long as its unloaded. Now he can pull the charging handle back and lock the bolt back then insert a full mag in and send the bolt home and shoot with no problem. Can anyone help with this issue.
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    There's your problem right there.

    All joking aside. The GI mags and the Magpul mags were all designed to work in a milspec magwell. It may well be that the magwell on the C15 is out of spec. Was this rifle purchased new or used? If used, you have to wonder why it was sold. If it was purchased new, try to return it and put the money into a quality rifle

    The reason many don't like the C15 is because of the known short comings of the design, which result in predictable failure modes. Yet those problems have not been addressed by the mfgr because they cannot fix them within the chosen form factor with the materials used.



    Someone will be along shortly to flame me for picking on their C15, but that's okay. I stand by my statement. Some others will be along shortly to back up my statement. The info you get here is worth exactly what you pay for it.
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    Maybe someone will have better information for you but I would say it has a serious tolerance problems. Especially since you have tried several magazines. I assume the rifle was doing this right out of the box? Which unfortunately you were correct in your view of the Carbon 15. These guns are plagued with problems and notorious for having them. Some are OK! And the guys are lucky! But across the board not the good choice. I would call Bushmaster personally and get them involved. And as you said especially if the rifle is new and a gift as advised. Did the rifle do this from the get go?

    When I got it fixed it would find a new home! God Bless the little girlfriend! Her heart certainly was in the right place! I think she's a keeper! A lady that buys her guy a gun is tops in my book!

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