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    So what category do these fall in? I found myself having a hard time figuring out where to even post this thread.

    Anyway, I've been thinkin', even before I looked at getting into pistols and carry pieces, about getting one of those cool lookin', cheapo, plinkin' fun carbines from Hi-Point... the 45acp version. I started to wonder if it had any practical uses/applications other than the occasional milk jug and bottle of colored water. I mean, can one hunt with this thing?

    I've been a long time archer/bow hunter, and never really respected the rifle hunting frame of mind, thought it terribly unsporting. However, as of late, I've found the fun in firearms, and have been entertaining the idea of rifle hunting. So I'm curious, are these "Carbines" considered rifles? Are they legal hunting arms? Would they even have the range to be of use if they were?

    I'm very unfamiliar with these types of firearms and was hoping for a little education. I think, either way, I will get one, for the pure enjoyment of firing the queer little things, but am still hoping to justify the purchase with something more practical as well.
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    personally ive never seen any difference between a rifle and a hi-powered compound bow with pin sights.

    anyway a carbine is a rifle that is lighter weight with a shorter barrel. its got nothing to do with caliber or the round used.

    pistol calibers in 45acp and 9mm while excellent for self defense just arent good for hunting.

    for pistol caliber i would hesitate to use anything less than 44magnum in a hunting rifle type carbine altho 45lc would work quite well too.

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    There are many questions you are asking that are really good! First, you don't want legal advice here concerning hunting laws, which are different state to state. You'll want to check your own state.

    The ballistics for handgun caliber carbines are not as amazing as you might think. For example, 9mm only increases velocity--over a handgun barrel--about 20%. Most handgun calibers were first invented FOR short barrels, so longer barrels don't make a huge difference.

    .357mag, on the other hand, was created for a rifle. That caliber increases in velocity about 50%!!! Even with this huge increase in velocity and power, a .357mag round out of an 18" barrel (such as a Marlin 1894c lever action carbine) still does not match the power of a .30-30.

    Personally, I wouldn't hunt with a pistol caliber carbine, but they could play a good role in home defense.
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    Interesting. Good info here. Thanks fellas. Guess I have no further justification for the Carbine other than I just want one for fun. Hahaha.

    I was already planning on getting a hunting rifle, just thought it would be cool if the Carbine could double as a backup. Guess, instead, it will have to do as a toy. Probably not the best thing to call a firearm, but it's got to be the best categorization I can figure.
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    Think, in that case then, I'll go for the .40S&W instead. Should round of the collection nicely.
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    Now to answer the question of where this belongs...

    How about the general rifle area?
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    Exactly. There's no reason to hunt with something that will probably necessitate multiple hits to make a kill.

    Pistol carbines are good as utility rifles, plinkers, and can be practical in home defense. They actually could arguably be outstanding home defense rifles.

    My $350 KelTec 9mm Sub2000:
    -Feels far more compact than an 18" HD shotgun
    -Weighs just 4lbs unloaded
    -Can accept 10, 17, or 31rd mags
    -Easily strikes any 4-6" target inside of 100yds (even in my hands)
    -Has minimal recoil
    -Ultimately becomes a 357sig, ballistically

    It's an interesting suvival rifle. A very fun, extremely affordable toy. It might make for some fine zombie deterrant. But a hunting gun it will never be.
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    Just curious---why do you say the 357 magnum was "created for a rifle"?

    I thought the 357 was first chambered in revolvers by Smith and Wesson
    in the mid 1930's.
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    Since it will be mainly a plinking fun gun, you might want to consider 9mm just because of ammo cost.
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    A carbine is a rifle. Some examples:

    M4 Carbine
    AR-15 (full length OR carbine versions)
    Mini 14 (Ranch Hand
    Carcano (some folks seem to think this rifle killed JFK)
    M1 Carbine (.30 Caliber WWII Era)
    Ruger 10/22
    17 HMR
    Browning A Bolt- MH
    Remington Model 7 SS
    Ruger M77CR
    Ruger M77FR
    Winchester Model 70 Compact

    These are just a few "Carbines", or "Compact Rifles".

    The M4, or AR-15, CAR-15, and many similar rifles make excellent hunting rifles and are capable of killing deer and other medium sized game. I personally don't recommend firing a 5.56 @ anything larger than deer, but that's just MHO.

    Just look around. That's half the fun!
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    Carbines vs Handguns

    If it has a stock and barrel longer than the max 14" barrel (max handgun length) its a carbine (16" min length for rifles/carbines)
    they make carbines with very short barrels (10")but they are for Law enforcement and they state that plainly in advertisements.

    7.62x25 Handguns
    9mm Handguns
    9mm Handguns

    I managed to tack on two carbines the Hi-point and the Uzi.
    MAC also makes a carbine.

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    funkey carbines.

    heres a few carbines with a leveraction pistol thrown in the mix:D
    The far left image is the sterling 9mm carbine sold in Centerfire Systems catalog
    The MAC 1o carbine
    The rossi Curcuit Judge is it a 410 shot gun or a carbine? it looks like a revolver.
    Rossi Mares Leg hand gun.....The Ranch Hand Pistol!
    [ame=] - Rossi Ranch Hand 45 Colt Lever-Action Pistol - YouTube[/ame]
    The Hera Carbine Kit for the 1911
    HERA 1911 Carbine Kit | The Firearm Blog

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    Before this thread gets sent to rifles, I would just like to say I could come up with plenty of reasons to own a carbine.

    Sane reasons, maybe only a few. :rolleyes: