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    Does anyone use cap savers that can please explain how to use them?
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    Little pieces of plastic aquarium hose that fit over percussion cap to "hold" it onto nipples when shooting (indicates improperly sized caps on gun - if only caps you can get fall off your nipples, swap out your nipples for ones they stay on: These nipples from Track of the Wolf are for recent Pietta 1858 revolvers and are sized for CCI # 11 caps [I'd recommend CCI #11 Magnums, myself,] so they wouldn't fall off).

    The bad thing about the cap guards or keepers is that they sometimes continue to hold the cap on the nipple after the chamber has fired, thus adding another pita task to reloading (one which you paid handsomely to do, I might add). Guess you can tell I'm not a big fan of 'em!
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