Cap dragging?

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    Hey everyone! Well I finally took my Cimarron Colt Navy to the range today:


    Man, did it do great! VERY accurate at 15 yards offhand. I managed about a two-inch group that way. The gun is smooth, with a nice trigger. All caps lit off, and the thing didn't get gummy even after about 40 rounds fired. I was using homemade tallow/beeswax wads that worked great. Everything was great except one thing...

    Some of my caps busted and made the cylinder drag!!! :eek:

    Now I was using Remington #10 caps, BUT I was also using Slix-Shot stainless steel nipples... which are specifically designed to work with... REMINGTON #10 CAPS!!!!!! :mad:

    The Slix-Shot nipples have little holes drilled through the nipple's body, and supposedly these relieve back pressure and prevent the caps from blowing apart all over the place. But, mine didn't really work so hot. Even though they were the right kind of caps for these nipples, the caps burst wide open and would occasionally cause the cylinder to drag, requiring a hard cock... okay that came out wrong :eek:... but it didn't totally lock up the cylinder. Nor did I get any cap fragments back in the hammer channel and none fell into the guts.

    So what I'm wanting to know is, is this normal? About once a cylinder I would have to put extra pressure into cocking the gun, sometimes quite a bit, because the caps flattened out upon firing and dragged on the cylinder. Also, while some fell free, several stuck to the nipples. Is that normal? Aren't they supposed to fall off when the cylinder rotates? I was using new production Remington #10 caps, with the "improved hotter flame" or whatever on the package.

    Does someone know what do in this situation? I am at a complete and utter loss. It would have been a perfect range day for the gun's first time out if not for this issue. Someone please help!


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    I've never used those nipples. Too much like the old Hot Shot nipples for my liking. You can try CCI caps or Treso nipples. One thing tho, when it gets hard to cock don't force it to turn with the hammer alone. Use your hand to help it turn or you will eventually bend/deform the hammer hand.