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  1. EazyXJWJ

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    Hello fellas, i have a Ruger SR-22 and a Barska Scope mounted to it.




    My problem is im using the Laserlyte bore laser to zero in my scope BUT it's almost as if the scope is mounted too high and the adjustment runs out before i can zero it in.

    Is there anything i can do to take care of this? (i know this isn't a expensive scope but i like it so far)

  2. JonM

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    ive got a similar bore sight laser and they relly dont work well. best method for getting sighted is with a properly mounted scope set the windage and elevation in the middle. to do this run the dial to one extreme and count the clicks to hit the other end divide in half and aet the dial to the middle. its tedious but it works. once you got that start at 10 yards on a big target to get on the paper.

    if your not on take one shot with the aim point at an edge repeat for each edge. if still not on aim at each corner firing once and check for hits this will get you on paper so you can start adjusting. once your on paper within vertical 10 inches of aimpoint and centered for windage move ot to 25 repeat then 50 or whatever zero your needing.

    with a rifle you can peer down the bore (bolt actio or ar15) you can just adjust the scope so it lines up roughly with the bore picture. hense he term bore-sighting. you really dont need lasers. using the bore laser i have i wasted 50 rounds of 44mag trying to get on paper with my ruger 44 carbine. after adopting the first method i was zeroed for 100 in 10 rounds.
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  3. rifleman55

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    Hate to tell you, but your main problem is most likely the scope. They are junk.
    Get a quality scope, the lower power one's can be had for a decent price from a good manufacturer.

    Want a great 4 X 14 X 40, get a Mueller APV scope. About $115.00
    It's the best scope for a .22 in it's class. You would have to spend twice as much for a better scope.
    Want a tac style Red Dot, get a Millet DMS-1 1 X 4 X 30 or a leatherwood, which is much the same.

    Just don't buy junk, it's a waste of money.

    The Mueller is not a Tactical looking scope, but has fantastic optics and is an AO scope which is what you want.

    John K
  4. EazyXJWJ

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    Thanks guys. I ended up returning it and got a red dot...

    ...I'm returning that junk to. I'm thinking of getting some Troy Industries folding Tritium iron sights front/rear. Enough of the cheap stuff.
  5. HKSlinger

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    Even if you put optics on,back up sights are a must. ALWAYS be ready for that optic,what ever it may be that you get sometime down the road,crapping out just when you need it the most.
  6. stalkingbear

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    I don't think that's much of an issue with a .22. I don't have backup sites on most of my rifles.
  7. rifleman55

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    Most of my rifles don't have sights, but are equipped with picitinney rails.

    I have quality scopes on them with QD rings.

    When out hunting or just shooting, I have a cheap scope with QD rings for my 2 main weapons, one being my hunting rifle, the other my shtf MBR.

    The cheap scope is already zeroed for each rifle and also has QD rings. If my good scope fails, I can put the cheap scope on and my day is not ruined.

    It's a good way of having a back up in case you have problems with your good scope. The replacement scope will shoot within an inch when put on the rail, which is plenty close enough.

    John k
  8. Fisherking

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    You have to remember that the laser is hitting the wall low. when setting up the scope have the laser hitting the retical about half way down. when you get to the range it will be close to right on at 50 yrds