Can't trade my Kimber! Is the 1911 on the way out?

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by DodgerBlue, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. DodgerBlue

    DodgerBlue New Member

    Traded the Kimber!

    Since I bought my Nano and Have a 2nd Kimber I decided to trade my full size match grade Kimber Custom II. All I was asking for was a Beretta Inox or a PX4sc and like 150. 200 hundy cash.

    Hardly a few nibbles is all. I can't believe it. I mean plenty of offers but only 2 real offers I would do. two!

    And I ask why?

    Must a person choose? Plastic compact or 1911. no middle ground? is the 1911 on the way out?

    Before I was able to come into my first Kimber I would have traded every firearm I had to get one.

    I don't get it
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  2. bigjim

    bigjim New Member

    You have many of the popular models (XDm, PX4c, Stoeger, and others) coming out with larger round numbers in their magazines than the standard single stack 1911 mag.

    If they could increase the mag to 10 rounds the 1911 might fly eventhough it is a SA pistol.

    Even the Glock in 45 ACP holds more than the 1911, Model 21 (13 rounds) or a FNP-45 Tac (15 rounds).

    A lot of people still like the 1911 frame and trigger, but it might see less and less sales because of the high price and low round count.


  3. DodgerBlue

    DodgerBlue New Member

    Bigjim, that was a hella good response! No fanboy b.s. or this gun sucks and that rules.

    Good post brother! Thanks. I never looked it how you broke it down.
  4. Olympus

    Olympus New Member

    Just have to consider that the Custom II is Kimber's base model. There are a lot of competitors in that price range that have a better warranty and fewer MIM parts. And used Custom IIs aren't exactly hard to find either, so you have those to compete with as well.

    Just something to consider.
  5. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    Save your breath. This one is a lost cause.
  6. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    Dodger, personally i don't think the 1911 will ever fade away. i do agree with BigJim's assessment of what is going on with magazine capacity. lot of it's just plain economics and what people are able to afford. the 1911 has a loyal following of enthusiasts who will always buy them.

    polymer pistols are here to stay and have found a market that sustains it. just about every pistol manufacterer now makes a pistol in polymer now. people like the lighter weight, higher ammo capacity and the reliability of them. they come in most all of the popular pistol calibers, come in different sizes to suit a persons needs and simply put, most of them are pretty dang accurate. could be why i like my XDm40!

    now 1911's are classic, and timeless in design and function. they are still one of the most popular and iconic pistols designs ever. people love them.

    so for me, i like both types and own both types. nobody says you can't have different pistols for different purposes. more the merrier!
  7. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    I dont think the 1911 will ever dissapear. I have nothing against other types of guns. I own losts of different types of weapons. I am not going to bash anybody else. If somebody loves Glock...hey thats fine with me. But there is a cult like following of the 1911. And some of the ones being built are complete works of art. But you have to think about the economy. Some people simply dont have any cash to add to a deal. I think a lot of people that are selling or trading guns are doing so because they have no choice. The guy with the cash gets to name the deal these days.
  8. SSGN_Doc

    SSGN_Doc Well-Known Member

    What is the round count on your Kimber? We're you looking at used guns as well?

    1911s have their fans. Of those fans some folks are brand loyal. Kimber has their fans and those who don't like them. I am a fan of the pre-series II guns from Kimber. The guns I've seen after they went with the Schwartz firing pin safety have had some issues. I also noticed a lot if Kimber barrels get rust even straight out of the box. Not huge flakey rust or pits, but for a stainless barrel to come out of the box with rust on a barrel makes it hard for me to want to carry it.

    I don't know what kind of offers you got but by the time you figure in shipping cost, ffl fees, etc. (if you are not doing face to face in the same state), then a trade can seem less attractive also.

    Just some other factors to consider.

    If you find a Kimber 1911 fan then you may get a good deal but with so many 1911 manufacturers saturating the market right now used 1911s have a lot to compete against.
  9. Eturnsdale

    Eturnsdale New Member

    While I do like how Jim put it, I don't entirely agree. Yes round count does seem to matter to a lot of folks. But I wouldn't say that you are having a hard time selling your Kimber because of these newer guns. But rather because you can buy new 1911s out there at a much lower cost now a days without sacrificing reliability.

    Or maybe you're just asking too much for it.
  10. CHLChris

    CHLChris New Member

    The issue is used. Kimber's warranty doesn't transfer to a new buyer like Springfield's, STI's, or even Taurus:eek:

    Personally, I don't think I'd pick up a used Kimber except under certain rare circumstances.
  11. DodgerBlue

    DodgerBlue New Member

    Got the trade for my Kimber!

    Got the trade I was looking for! A NIB Beretta Series 92 compact Model L

    I was looking for an Italian Inox but full size is to big for my hand.

    Then somebody offered this beauty up. Never fired Italian made grey outer box pristine beauty.

    I dont have a camera so pics are forth coming. Just not yet. From what I was told these were made for other countries' police. Then a batch or however it happened showed up. They were packed up and limited numbers were that were found were sent to the States.

    Below is a stock photo.

  12. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    A good deal is when both parties walk away with a smile.

    Is there a range report coming?
  13. sdiver35

    sdiver35 New Member

    I was going to trade my Kimber Tactical Ultra II at a LGS and they offered me $500.00. It was in mint condition with three Kimber mags. I put it on GB and sold it for $820.00 - I'll never attempt to trade in again, in fact I don't even shop there anymore. I get the fact that they need to make a profit, but come on.
  14. CHLChris

    CHLChris New Member

    "Trading" in Oregon generally means two people meet up face-to-face and each give the other their pistol and whatever else is involved in the trade. When the OP used the term, I was assuming he meant private trade, not a local gun store trade. That is more like a trade in the same manner as a used car lot. You would always get low wholesale that way.

    In private trades, you can often get full (sometimes even HIGH) market value for your pistol.
  15. Chainfire

    Chainfire Well-Known Member Supporter

    The 1911 has been pronounced DOA many times in it's existance. It is always revived because excellent design in firearms does not become obsolete. There is a reason that the Special Forces in the U.S. Military are using the 1911 platform. It is also interesting that the special forces using the 1911 are using seven round magazines.
    Who knows why seven over eight, maybe because it keeps you focused on the immediate goal.

    High capacity magazines are overated in defensive situations. If nine instantly available .45 ACP rounds don't handle your problems, you needed a rifle anyway. High capacity magazines, contrary to some opinions, do not substitue for marksmanship. Fifteen misses don't = one hit. I do not feel under-gunned with nine rounds instantly available. (as I carry)

    I really enjoy shooting my Beretta 92 SF on the range, with the high capacity magazines, excellent accuracy and reliability, and better sights, but what rides on my hip is a well worn 1911a1. The slim profile is easy to conceal, the extra weight, carried in good leather is comfortable enough. The trigger is what all other gun makers strive to achieve, and the accuracy at combat range is plenty good enough.

    The 1911a1 is here to stay because for a hundred years, it has worked. Thousands of other , "latest and greatest", guns have come and gone in that time. Who knows if the Glock in your pocket will last a hundred years, or will be a museum piece. I have every confidence that my 1911 will outlive me, and my son, that will get it when I am gone.
  16. BeyondTheBox

    BeyondTheBox New Member

    I Ditto this in that I feel confident with 6 or more rounds. That's 2-3 BGs worth there and that's all I ever see needing in every day defensive situations.

    The only use for high capacity is range time and I'm not really bothered by constant reloading as others seem to be.

    I actually prefer that my guns have no more than 8 rounds so that I keep practiced with the round count that I have when I carry.
  17. Chainfire

    Chainfire Well-Known Member Supporter

    The truth is, even at the range, I usually don't load more than five rounds in a mag. It saves ammo and gives me time in between targets to think about what I am doing right or wrong.

    Even with that, I still enjoy shooting 15 round mags of 9mm at my rotating targets at the end just for the damn fun of it.
  18. CrazedJava

    CrazedJava New Member

    1911 is not on the way out but I think he Kimber overhype is starting to wane.

    I'm not a 1911 fanboy but I appreciate it for what it is. For a single-action handgun it gets a lot right. It's hardly my ideal weapon but if you're going to make a single-action autoloading pistol and you don't ape the 1911's frame-mounted safety you're already doing something wrong.
  19. chloeshooter

    chloeshooter Active Member

    I disagree with your statement - you make it sound as if one has to choose between marksmanship and ammo capacity? Here's a thought - what about someone with a high capacity magazine that also knows how to shoot? Given the scenario of 7 or 8 .45 acp rounds or 15 .40 S&W, depending on the situation I'd take the .40s 9 out of 10 times.

    Whenever this discussion shows up, the .45 guys always say "if you can't kill it with 1 or 2 shots you ain't gonna kill it" or whatever. That statement overlooks the fact that there might be more than one bad guy for you to shoot at! And since most real-life situations are fraught with confusion and happen at lightning speed? Again, give me more ammo. If I can't get it with 7 or 8, well, hell, I at least have 7 or 8 more chances to save my life
  20. Overkill0084

    Overkill0084 Well-Known Member

    I suppose those days when I carry a 5 shot snubbie, I must be helpless. Like not having a gun at all I guess.
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