cant get mosin clean

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by potentialglock, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. potentialglock

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    I fired one round out of my mosin on news year Eve. Shame on me I cleaned it with oil immediately. No hot water or anything. Well of course some rust appeared in the barrel. Then I tried hot water and a bore snake....more rust. Then almost boiling water and an actual rifle cleaner rod. Then pushed cleaning pads through til they came out clean. Yet today there's more rust.....what do I do?
  2. zaitsev44

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    I would take a wire brush with some Hoppe's and some elbow grease, it worked with my CZ-52.

  3. potentialglock

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    I did that. I guess it just needs more huh? I noticed its less than last time but still
  4. SSGN_Doc

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    After the hot soapy water you need to use a water dispersing oil like WD-40. Then clean that out and put a protective oil in there to provide a barrier from the air.
  5. Chainfire

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    The advantage of using boiling water in the cleaning process for corrosive ammo is that the water evaporates almost instantly. It also leaves the barrel scorthcing hot, which I believe helps with the chemical action of the Hoppes, or whatever other cleaner you use. With normal cleaning after the water, there will be no moisture in the bore; no water, no NEW rust.

    The other thing to remember is that most of these rifles have had the bores worn or damaged to some degree. There are pores, resulting from previous corrosive damage, that are full of all kinds of crud that will soil patches dang near forever.

    I have tried and tried and tried to get clean patches out of some of my Mosins and have come to the conclusion that it just ain't gonna happen. It doesn't appear to affect the functionally or accuracy of the rifle, so I have learned to quit obsessing over it.
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  6. nosaj

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    I always do a 4 step cleaning after shooting the Mosin.

    1. Before leaving the range spray down the bolt, chamber, and bore with ammonia windex (maybe an old wives tale)
    2. When arriving home remove wood furniture and douse all parts with HOT or boiling water
    3. Next I do a normal cleaning with mineral spirits (maybe overkill) and a wipedown
    4. Now a final cleaning with Hoppes #9. After its all cleaned I oil all parts of the gun.....metal and wood.

    After a day or 2 i will check to see if it can take a little more oil ......without dripping all over :)
  7. locutus

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    After the hot water, I use a couple of patches soaked in alcohol.

    Alcohol removes the last traces of water and evaporates almost instantly, so you can go straight to the normal cleaning with Hoppe's.
  8. nitestalker

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    You may try a non imbeding cleaner like JB to polish the bore.:)