Can't even say the 'G' word now...

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by blueocean, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Its the new motif operandi coming out of progressive liberal think tank. Make guns a bad thing and teach it to the children that guns are evil, bad, and will get you expelled, etc.

    We need to keep taking the youngest generation out (boy scouts, girl scouts, etc) and teaching them like our parents did us. And we need to take back control of the schools, or we are all lost.

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    I'd love to have been there when they asked the judge for a warrant: "You want to search this guys house...why? Is anyone even asserting that a crime of any sort has taken place?"

    I can't believe he let them in at all.
    It's time to get a lawyer.
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    This day & age the schools go on & on about the "bully" problem.... trying to turm our children into gutless wimps and/or snitches... while they themselves are the biggest bullies on the block.
    That nazi deputy needs to be taken down a peg or two also. Unless I'm in a court of law with my own legal representation... I ain't answering crap and unless he has resonable cause he won't have a search warrant either and he can get off my property. :mad::mad::mad:
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    I just can't believe that this BS is actually happening when I was in school mind you less the 5 years ago me and my history teacher use to talk guns at the end of the class before I had to go to the next one. My gym teacher and a group of use to talk hunting almost all class period sometimes and I wrote 6 different papers one year over everything from the effect of firearms on military tactics to the ballistics of what happens when someone gets shot. I yes on most of them I got A and B's. I won't lie I was in trouble all the time in schoo but it was for fighting kids that thought they could pick on other kids.

    Honestly I agree with NC1760 he wouldn't have even gotten into my house with a warrent and he wouldn't have gotten any answers out of me without a lawyer present. Don't get me wrong I like the local police here and even some of the local sheriffs but I dealing with this type of BS. The local school system here doesn't have any power over me yea I pay taxs and but I have no kids in school only family and when I do have kids in school you better damn well believe he's and or she is gonna know how to fight and stand up for themselves.

    The school are teaching our kids how to not have a back bone, you stand up for those that can't stand up for themselves and your protect those that can't protect themselves thats the way I was brought up and that's the way it should be.
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    Again, I think the government knows that if we teach the public to be sheep as children, they are less likely to question authority as adults.
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    The Two things that were most important to the founding of the United States Of America and our Constitution that are now Taboo, Guns and God! If you had told me mentioning either of those would get me tossed out of school, I would have said "God I love my Guns" every time I entered Homeroom!

    They have really banned topics and talking, thats as scary as it gets. How is this better than Mao's China? WTF happened to teaching them History, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Science? School policy isnt doctrine, Teachers and Administrators arent Apostles, Government isnt God but they can tell us what we can say and where we can say it? Silence isnt golden, not talking about something never fixed anything.

    What they really want is to completely remove any right to think for ourselves, They are programming the kids to be exactly what they think we should be, MS 2013 V 8.1. Monsanto makes you nervous, why doesnt reprogramming our children bother you? This makes me sick, when did no guns in school turn to no conversations about firearms in school? They refuse to protect my grandkids in school, wont let them openly pray to survive that day and lord knows they shouldnt be able to talk about what they hear about everyday on the news, in their Video Games and in the Movies without a Teachers permission???????
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    Folks, for the most part we need to remember that the police are NOT your friend.... Their job (most of the time) is to get there after the fact, formulate a resonable conclussion of what happened and (if possible) make an arrest. More often than not, I have encountered LEO's that look at EVERYONE as a possible suspect... then draw together "evidence" that supports their theory as to what happened, what needs to be done (and to whom) and who needs to be in handcuffs. At least 80% of the encounters I have ever had with Law Enforcement have been confrontational in nature. I realize how difficult there job is on a daily basis... but with the rapid militarization of our domestic police (with little actual training other than weapon's operations) since 9/11 and the absolute $h*tty pay they recieve.. is it any wonder that LEO professionalism has gone out the window?? Same can be said for our schools these days... and if you pay peanuts... you get MONKEYS!! Monkey's with waaaayyyyy to much authority and NO idea how to limit it.

    The real kicker to my stand on this is the fact that I am the son of an SBI agent AND a school teacher.... :rolleyes: ...but then again, that was a different time.
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    "One of US, one of US, one of US, one of US,one of US, one of US,

    one of US, one of US, one of US, one of US"...:(
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    The problem is the School Resourse Officers (SRO's) work so closely with the school administrators that they can (and sometimes do) begin to parrot their ideology. Common sense is uncommon in schools. SRO's are under pressure from principals, superintendants and school boards to do the bidding of the egg heads. With out strong willed officers, strong supervision and a LE administration unwilling to stand up to the liberal bullies these things will happen.

    Our SRO's fight these battles on a daily basis. The school district pays their salaries and wants the SRO's to be their own little police force. Some districts are large enough to actually have their own police force. THERE is the real problem. They cannot stand up and say "NO!" to the Draconian ideals of the overly educated administrators.

    The ONLY way to correct this is through law suits (and maybe the ballot box. Most school boards are elected). The ACLU might actually tackle this as it is a 1st Amendment issue far more than a 2nd Amendment issue
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    That is nuts! I would've denied entry to the home; the schools there are obviously very deeply flawed.

    Yep, it's gotten so bad that when I was listening to the scanner app the other night a buddy explained that when the local deputies say "G George" they are referring to a firearm. It's bad when they won't even let the deputies say "gun". I'd be like: me "ummmm, he has one of those things I carry on my hip", dispatch "your kid?", me "no the G L O C K (spelling aloud)".
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    GUN..? What , whaaaaat..? Can't say gun..? While, heck , You say I can't say GUN ..?
    WELL THEN NO GUN it is. I don't have to be told twice , GUN you say hmm..?
    Then no GUN it is.! I will never say GUN again , nope , no GUN IT IS THEN .,!

    What other word may I use then ..? Hmmm.? No GUN HEH..? Hmm.! What other word means GUN that doesn't mean GUN..? Does that apply to the plural form of the word GUN , as in GUNS , you know more than one GUN..? As in GUNS..?

    Well now , that is a tuff one , no GUN , hmmm.? I do so love my GUNS..! May I call my GUNS something else I am quite fond of like a wonderful , interesting
    Lady I've had the pleasure to chat with and not GUNS...? Or perhaps something else I am quite fond of ..? Hmmm.? No GUNS heh..? Maybe .....bullet flanger.?
    Or projectile projector..? Auuhhhh , mechanical portable protection device projectile launcher thingy..? Hmmm..? Perhaps my personal dildo-nator..?
    What , whaaaat..?
    Catchy , ain't it..? :D Dauuh-P....! :D
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    A voucher system would fix this, IMO.

    Money talks loudly. Conversely, so do monopolies.