Cant Deside on my New Mil-surp.. M1 or M1911??

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    I cant seem to deside what new military gun i want... Im looking to spend around $800 (give or take) I really want a M1 Garand so very bad, but sold two pistols to come up with the money, so now im really thinking about a M1911. It frightens me to think of my Medusa in a police lock-up (or lost) if i had to use it in a HD situation. :(
    I guess the price ranges will finally deside for me... Im looking for just a nice shooter, not a pristine collectors piece, but not one that looks like they just dug it out of a trench......
    My requirements for each:
    I gotta have a International M1. A number of you have already said just to buy one from the CMP, but IHC making the M1 was the main reason i orginally wanted one. A classic military rifle made by my favorite company, win-win for me. (and as i said before would look good in the scout!) The prices i see on gunbroker run from about $800- $2,000. But IHC stuff isnt that popular out here and i dont want bid against some IHC nut back east where IHC stuff is popular and expenisve. But again the local price for a M1 from any maker is about $1,000.

    As for the M1911, I want a REAL military one, from what i understand is that no new 1911's were bought for the military after 1945, it would be one from WWII, which would be great ( I love WWII stuff!!) I would like a Colt, but I dont have to have one. I would really prefer that it had the "M1911A1 U.S. Army" stamp, not just the "United States Government Property" one.
    (Im not sure if only the army did this? its the only "M1911" stamp ive ever seen, did other branches do this as well?.. ex. M1911A1 USMC?)
    Again just looking for a shooter... this one could even be a little rough and rebuilt a million times, as long as it shoots well and is a real military one. I would like the frame and slide to be of the same maker, everything else doesnt matter (still be strictly G.I though.) The gunbroker prices i see are crazy $1,000-$2,500+ :eek: It cant cost that much for a old G.I shooter, can it?

    Well what do you guys think? What am I looking at for ballpark prices for these guns? Yes i know im picky, but if im gonna spend at least $600 anyways, I dont see why for a few more bucks i can get what i want...
    Thanks for the help!! and sorry for being so indecisive, but this is the most ive ever spent on for a gun... (Big difference from buying those old Mosin's.. ;) )
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    Pic of "M1911A1" stamp Im talking about:

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    Try these guys:

    Ozark Guns Colt 1911 45acp Pistols in stock ready to ship!

    Scroll down about 3/4 and look for "1950's COLT GOVT 45 ACP".

    They have several different condition offerings.

    No I have not bought one of these but Ozark is a reputable seller.

    I think you need to up your budget.
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    I thought you would be the first to reply cane!!! I wish i could afford those 1950's colts!! (My gramps served in Korea!) But those have all matching # and a box, which would be nice but out of my price range.... When I asked you guys about a WWII Ithaca, I was told the $800 he wanted was WAY to much. Whats the deal? I dont need a museum piece....