Cant decide!!!! Eotech vs acog

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by broke-again124, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Hey guys, I'm in the market for a new optic and am having some trouble. I shoot right handed but am left eye dominant. ( shooting with a RDS, nothing is affected, I'm assuming because both eyes are open. ) my question lies in, will this affect my shooting, target acquisition , etc. with the acog?
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    It really depends on how dependent you are on the left eye. I'm the same but have no problem using a scope with my non-dominant eye.

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    In my opinion I prefer the EOTech over the ACOG. The reasons are #1 Price #2 I am not looking through a tube and I do not have to have a cheek weld to shot a target. The minute I see the reticle on the target I can shoot it even prior to aligning the optic. #3 It has a 1 MOA Reticle Dot that does not cover up an 8 inch pie plate at 100 yards. It is faster to me regarding target acquisition. #4 It has 20 reticle brightness intensity settings.Some are concerned about the battery on the EOTech. #5 But fact is it has a 20% low battery warning system built in. So if the battery goes dead on it shame on the operator for not honoring the low battery warning system. For example if it has a total of 360 hours of battery life being on the middle setting. When the unit is first turned on if the battery is low the reticle will flash 5 times before coming on solid. So with the 20% time frame the unit will be advising of a low battery for 72 hours each time the unit is turned on. If you do not change the batteries within the 72 hours sure it will go dead! I just prefer them and as stated in #1 the EOTech is significantly less money than the ACOG!
    Makes no difference on which eye you use!