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  1. thdrduck

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    Anyone played with one of these? Saw AIM has it for $319!! Read some reviews and this seems like one heck of a deal. Could be a great option for someones first handgun.
  2. JonM

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    Prolly better to just get a real cz75

  3. John_Deer

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    Even if they are great guns there are not enough of them in the field for anyone to know if they are good. $319 is no bargain for a Century Arms import. You are very close to the price of some very popular and successful firearms.
  4. kryptar19

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    I bought one of these in December on a whim. Man am I glad to have spent that $350!! This gun is seriously awesome.

    It is very well balanced, with just enough weight to be accurate and low recoil.

    It is double/single action. The DA trigger is long and heavy, as to be expected. The SA trigger is good. It reminds me of the 92fs trigger. What's cool is, this pistol has a half cock position.

    They come with Mec-Gar mags as well.

    All in all I give this gun a B. Well worth the price.
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  5. sweeper22

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    I have a CZ 75b and a stainless Canik S-120 (like the picture below). The Canik is a very good gun at a great price IMO, and it made sense for me because I love my 75b and must have 10 mags for it...which also fit the Canik.


    But at some point I do intend to upgrade those dolphin grips, LOL.

    It's a quality duty gun that most folks have an easy time being accurate with. Like the 75b, it's a heavy gun and the controls aren't always ideal for folks with shorter fingers. Great quality for the price.