Cane Vlasquez, "Brown Pride"

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    Quote of the Day: Cain Velasquez Talks 'Brown Pride'Tattoo - Bloody Elbow


    Great, now let's reverse this and see how it looks.

    "White Pride"

    I got my tattoo because I wanted people to know I was White and that I was doing good things with my life. I'm really proud of what I went through to get where I am. Growing up, there wasn't anyone in the media [who was of White dude decent] who I could look up to. There wasn't anyone who looked like me [in the media], so I never thought I would do something good. I figured I would just go out and join the regular work force. I never thought I'd make a career out of wrestling or fighting. I just wanted everyone to say I was just like them and that I was good at what I did.

    Is this cool? :confused:
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    Cool ?

    Not.. The way he answered the question seemed to be from a politician if you ask me.. I grew up in Los Angeles. 41 years seeing the "Brown Pride" tats for years.. But yet, I get drunk one night and decide to cut my hair.. ( go ahead and laugh) and HAVE to shave my head.. Yes, it was that bad..

    8 days later, I get not only followed and stopped in front of my work by The Law but told " I was a person they like to keep tabs on"..WTF?

    I'd like to see that guy with his tattoo exposed in northern Idaho..They dont take kindly to that..

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    To determine if ANY proposition is fair and equitable, reverse all aspects 180 degrees, and look at it again. If it is not fair when reversed, it is not fair.

    Years back, two of the kids were arguing over dividing the last piece of cake. Told them one makes the cut, the other picks the piece they want. Ever see a kid try to use a micrometer to measure a cake slice?

    So why should a "Brown Pride" tat be acceptable, but a "Southern Heritage" tat not be? OTOH, not my skin, not my tat, not my worry. :cool:
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    lol pedro? i have white pride tatooed on my throat so its all good (not really)