Candle Power for lights

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    Did a little digging for information on CR123A for my baby tactical light. The poor thing has traveled the global since 2004. It is becoming silver from wear and tear.

    Anyway, I came across the following site that discusses nothing but candle power :eek: :D:

    From reading some of the threads, they get into the weeds on the specific candle power usage.

    Something helpful!

    CandlePowerForums - Powered by vBulletin

    The following site has some serious specials, do not know the trust worthy of the site below:
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    Yes, I came across that sight earlier this year. I went from like 3 lights to about 18 now.

    I also plan on buying an Olight SR90 in the next few months - a 2200 lumen LED light. The holy grail of LEDs :D