Canada Gun Buy-Back

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    Wasn't sure where to put this, so here it is!

    Just a point of interest.

    3 months ago

    CBC News, Canada.
    Winnipeg, Manitoba police are encouraging gun owners to trade in their weapons for a camera.
    Winnipeggers are being asked to point and shoot cameras rather than guns.
    Throughout the month of November, anyone who wants to get rid of a firearm can arrange to do so with police. The program, dubbed Pixels for Pistols, is a partnership between the city police, Henry's Photo, and Panasonic. In exchange for a working firearm, they'll receive a Panasonic FH8 digital point-and-shoot camera and a Henry’s school of imaging gift card, a value of $240. For every non-working or replica firearm someone turns in, they'll get a Henry's school of imaging gift card of $75. CBC News.
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    Great. Now they can pry a camera from your cold dead hands, and hopefully they will have a picture of the criminal that killed you and your family.

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    Look at the violent crime statistics in Canada, and that is a bad idea.

    Turning a gun it because you think it reduces crime, is like getting neutered because your neighbors have too many kids.
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    Don't think it will happen..! Is it not a Canadian that has the world record sniper

    1 and 1/2 mile............? Hmmmmmmmmmm....! :eek: Ole PC fritz out..?
    Couldn't write what I wanted.

    Longest one shot , one kill........GO CANADA.................! ;)
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