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List of Restricted and Prohibited Firearms

List of Restricted and Prohibited Firearms

There are three categories of firearms for purposes of Canadian law:
•restricted, and

This fact sheet identifies which firearms are restricted or prohibited, as set out in the Criminal Code and the Criminal Code Regulations. Some firearms are classified on the bases of their physical characteristics, such as barrel length or type of action; others are specified by make and model.

Non-restricted firearms are any rifles and shotguns that are neither restricted nor prohibited. Most common long guns are non-restricted, but there are a few exceptions, as indicated in this fact sheet.

Definition of a Restricted Firearm
According to the Criminal Code, a restricted firearm is:

•a handgun that is not a prohibited firearm;
•a semi-automatic, centre-fire rifle or shotgun with a barrel length less than 470 mm (18.5 inches) that is not prohibited;
•a rifle or shotgun that can fire when its overall length is reduced by folding, telescoping or some other means to less than 660 mm (26 inches);
•any firearm prescribed as restricted (including some long guns).
Firearms Prescribed as Restricted
This list of restricted firearms specified in the December 1, 1998 Criminal Code regulations includes all firearms that have been restricted by a former Order in Council.

•The firearms of the designs commonly known as the High Standard Model 10, Series A shotgun and the High Standard Model 10, Series B shotgun, and any variants or modified versions of them.
•The firearm of the design commonly known as the M-16 rifle, and any variant or modified version of it, including the:
◦Colt AR-15;
◦Colt AR-15 SPI;
◦Colt AR-15 Sporter;
◦Colt AR-15 Collapsible Stock Model;
◦Colt AR-15 A2;
◦Colt AR-15 A2 Carbine;
◦Colt AR-15 A2 Government Model Rifle;
◦Colt AR-15 A2 Government Model Target Rifle;
◦Colt AR-15 A2 Government Model Carbine;
◦Colt AR-15 A2 Sporter II;
◦Colt AR-15 A2 H-BAR;
◦Colt AR-15 A2 Delta H-BAR;
◦Colt AR-15 A2 Delta H-BAR Match;
◦Colt AR-15 9mm Carbine;
■Armalite AR-15;
■AAI M15;
■EAC J-15;
■PWA Commando;
■SWD AR-15; and,
◦Any 22 calibre rimfire variant, including the:
■Mitchell M-16A-1/22,
■Mitchell M-16/22,
■Mitchell CAR-15/22, and
■AP74 Auto Rifle.

Top of PageDefinition of a Prohibited Firearm
The Criminal Code states that a prohibited firearm is:

•a handgun with a barrel length of 105 mm or less;
•a handgun designed or adapted to discharge 25 or 32 calibre ammunition;
•a rifle or shotgun that has been altered to make it less than 660 mm (26 inches) in overall length;
•a rifle or shotgun that has been altered to make the barrel length less than 457 mm (18 inches) where the overall firearm length is 660 mm (26 inches) or more;
•an automatic firearm and a converted automatic firearm;
•any firearm prescribed as prohibited.
* Exceptions to the Prohibited Firearm Definition
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