Can you use Polish like Flitz or Mothers to remove Leather Holster Wear

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    I carry a Glock 17 with me everyday in a Leather Tagua Hip Holster so far i have not had any holster wear on my G17. But i just know sooner or later i will get holster wear especially because it is a leather holster. I just thought Polish for metal especially Flitz and Mothers are good at removing marks of all kinds usually on all types of metals.

    Infact i for the first time got a light surface scratch on my Glock 17 slide i tried cleaning it with gun cleaner no dice. Then i got some Flitz Polish and presto the scratch was taken off. Just wondering if you guys think that Polish is the cure to holster wear on your gun. I mean those that carry everyday for like the last 20 30 years you must know another method. I shoot my guns once a month atleast but i still love to have them looking new.

    Have you guys tried this on your gun with holster wear?????

    Do you guys know any other way of removing holster wear marks from your gun?????
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    Holster wear is when the holster removes the finish from areas that the handgun contacts the holster on draw and re-holstering. No ammount of polishing will restore a finish to bare metal. You can either rub the finish off the entire gun to make it match, live with it, or have it refinished when holster wear gets bad. Thats about it.

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    I actually bought a stainless pistol to carry for that exact reason. It doesnt have a finish on top of the metal and scratches can be removed with polish