Can you tell me what this is???

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    I need a little help. Can anyone identify this flintlock pistol? Is it real or a replica? I found it in my grandfather's garage in a box of hunting items. It appears that someone started to sand the wood stock in order to refinish it. It says Made in Spain, has the word Vendi or Mendi stamped into the barrel, the serial number 17027 in two spots and 12 M/M next to the serial number. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    A cheap Spanish copy of nothing in particular. Most likely started out as a kit.

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    Well, I pulled this piece back out of the gun cabinet and was contemplating giving it a good refinish job and placing it up on the wall for show. I started to disassemble and I can't get over the feeling that I may be messing up the "real thing". Are there any tell-tale signs to know if it's a replica or a real piece? Please help settle my nerves on this one!
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    Step 1- insure that is not loaded. Use the ramrod or a dowel to check the inside of the barrel- if it does not reach all the way to the nipple, there may be a charge in there.

    As said- this is a modern day copy of a muzzle loader. Original did not usually have serial numbers. Remove barrel, give us some good photos of ALL markings on the barrel. Prime clue- if you see the words "black powder" it is a copy.

    Mendi (long out of business) was a modern day maker of muzzleloaders- usually in kit form. Along with Jukar and CVA, they were from Ardessa Spain.

    Ps- that is not a flintlock- caplock. Uses percussion caps. Usually #11s
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    It`s just a ol cheap MENDI, refinish it, would look great with the wood redone & the barrel and lock reblued.................