Can you take sombody out hunting if they have a felony?

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by Hdq, Sep 2, 2012.

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    When I was young I stopped talking to my father for 2years he was a loser and an idiot anyways the story goes deeper but anywho now im alot older and a responsible law abiding citizen and my dad is older now and I would like to bond with him and re connect I was thinking about a father and son hunting trip I would really enjoy it. he hasnt been around alot durring my childhood and I had to learn to hunt on my own. I was thinking about bringing him along but totaly forget he is a convicted felon! And I do not want to get in trouble by the law and risk getting my firearms taken away because of him and his choices he made so is it okay to bring him along for a hunt? I have deer tags under my name that expire soon can he even be around a firearm? Can he shoot one of my guns? Or is it best to not even mention the hunting trip to him? He is old now almost 55 and I dont think hes been in trouble for a while.
  2. Chainfire

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    Unless he has had his civil rights reinstated he can not legally handle a firearm period. Nor can he be around one if he has access to it. Take dad to the ball game, keep him away from guns.

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    Man, there are so many ways to get around this. There are also so many options that are infinitely better than putting your pecker on a chopping block for some "after the fact" father/son time.

    Think long and hard. For one, if you're sharing a blind, and there's no LE in the blind, no one is going to know if you hand him a rifle to take a shot.

    He may still be able to use black powder, so check into that.


    As mentioned, ball game. There are also car shows, races, concerts, fishing... Just about an infinite number of things to do.

    And, do you think fishing might be a better idea? At least you can actually chit chat and drink a beer while doing that.
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  4. Hdq

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    Ehh I dont really like baseball lol maybe if I gave him a bow? Not an actual firearm becuae it uses arrows or maybe a pellet rifle And rabitt hunting? Would that be ok?
  5. fmj

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    55 is old!?!?

    I could be wrong...but i believe a muzzle loader or other BP gun are not considered to be "Guns or firearms"

    Might wanna check with a lawyer instead of here to be safe.
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    It depends on the state/county wether or not a BP is defined as a "firearm".

    A higher power 22 caliber pellet gun would be ok for rabbits but you better be one helluva shot
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    As said- until a felon has his civil rights INCLUDING guns restored, he may not possess or have uncontrolled access to a firearm (left alone with one in the truck, etc).

    Under FEDERAL law, a muzzle loading rifle is not a firearm- HOWEVER, it is under some STATE laws. BTW, a felon may not use 209 primers- they are classed as ammunition, which they may NOT possess. #11 caps are OK. So is a bow, a spear, an atlatl or a slingshot.

    However, have you thought about taking him fishing?
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    I don't know where u live but where I live any thing that fires a projectile of a size of .17 or bigger is classified as a firearm because people were trying to cheat the law in many ways so they can try to hunt and have guns a felon can't own buy or even be in house or car with a gun. If u choose to take him be careful . I would call a lawyer n see what u need to do to get his rights restored . Just remember DNR officer's are state cops first so state law will be enforced even if county law says u can and state law says no
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    I feel for you hdq. I was in a similar situation with my father. Problem is he is still a total loser. I tried the build a relationship thing. But after 20 some odd years it was just too late. I dont even speak with him anymore.

    Dont risk your firearms rights for him. Take him fishing. See if you can salvage the relationship. I hope it works out for you. My relationship with my son is awesome.
  10. Old_Crow

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    I bought a nice benjamin 22 cal pellet rifle. It was sweet shooting. It fell apart after about 1500 rounds. Luckily I got it from Walmart and it was less than 90 days old. Gamo pellet rifles are built using the same components. You will likely get the same results with a Gamo.

    I have a crossman phantom that has shot 10's of thousands of rounds. It has never given me a problem. But it's a .177. Benjamin is owned by crossman - go figure

    I have been separated from my Father. No matter what I do our relationship remains icy. Don't set your self up for a nad experience. I would just take him out to eat. Take things slowly.
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  11. Sniper03

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    Also the problem is you would be jeopardizing his situation he could easily go back to jail of prison. And both of you would be rolling the dice! Since you have knowledge if his restrictions. Certainly would not want either of you getting into a problem. My heart goes out for you because the dad and son thing is good! I have a good friend that is in the same boat! In fact he had to sell his entire 60 gun collection and his wife can not even have a gun belonging to her in the house. His was a non violent crime where he had knowledge of a situation that he had no control over but was charged with conspiracy because when he saw an e-mail he did not report it to the authorities. It was not even in his area of responsibility at work! But never the less he is under the same restrictions you are speaking about!

  12. SpentBrass

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    Don't even chance it. If you want to mend fences, there are better and more legal ways than hunting. BP is not regulated by the powers that be, but if you have anything other than BP and you are caught with him even looking at your gun...bad news. Try explaining that you did not know he was a felon.

    Fishing, camping, frog gigging...all better bonding prospects than maybe him being sent to prison again and you having to defend yourself for abetting. If you bow hunt with him, make sure all tags are legal and done correctly before being caught with a dead regulated animal and no tag. Keep in mind that in most states the game warden has more power than your regular state police.
  13. Old_Crow

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    The game warden has more power than the state police in every state. Due to duck stamps and other federal migratory bird laws the Game Warden is a federal agent.
  14. winds-of-change

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    Wow. I didn't know that.
  15. TekGreg

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    Many people don't know this! Luckily, most game wardens are friendly IF you are not committing a felony. I have had game wardens pop out of the woods in the most strangest places, too, but never a problem.

    As far as felons and firearms, this is a very black-and-white issue. NEVER allow a felon near your firearms (like having him in your house if you don't have a safe) and don't ever put a weapon in his hands! You risk you becoming a felon and both of you getting further jail time.

    It sounds cruel, but this is the exact scenario anti-gunners use to turn good people into criminals. Find ANYTHING to do that doesn't involve ANY weapon; Better safe than sorry for borh of you!
  16. JD1969

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    Take him coyote hunting......