Can you explain it to me

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  1. woody63m

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    Whats the differnce +p and +p+ and all that other stuff i dont get it
  2. Jpyle

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    Every cartridge has a standard SAAMI pressure loading so that gun manufacturers can build to a specific chamber strength. +p and +p+ rounds are loaded hotter than the standard and should only be used in guns capable of safely handling the additional pressures.

  3. c3shooter

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    FWIW, there are only a few "real" +P loads- 9mm, .38 Special, .45 ACP, and ALL .38 Supers. Those are the rounds for which SAAMI established a +P load. They are loaded to about 17% higher pressures IIRC. While someone may CALL another cartridge a +P, there is no standard for other cartridges.

    The +P+ is loaded hotter than a +P, but again, there is no standard for that load- so in theory, you would load that up as a 2 times pressure load.

    SOME handguns- especially older ones, were not designed for the higher pressures. Unlikely to have an OMIGOD! kind of failure, but will cause accelerated wear on the gun.