Can you change a shotguns shell chamber

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    Howdy All
    Don't Know if this should be here or the shotgun section.
    Well here goes.
    Can You change a 2 3/4" chamber into a 3" chamber?
    thanks all just curious.
    yours in service
    James Acerra
  2. danf_fl

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    I hate giving a "it depends..." answer, but I have to.

    It depends on the the type of action (pump, single, semi-auto), and the material you have to work with.
    A handgun designed for .38Special may not be strong enough for the .357 Magnum, even if you can lengthen the chambers.

    In otherwords, I would not recommend it as the 3" may develop greater chamber pressures than the 2 3/4".

  3. masterPsmith

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    Physically, yes it can be done. But "NO", don't do it. Although it may be safe in some shotgun barrels, it would not be in others, as the heat treatment in older barrels is not up to the task for the higher chamber pressures of a 3" mag shell for continuous use. Thickness of the barrel in some would also be in question just ahead of the forcing cone in a 2 3/4" chambered barrel. Remember that you are not only lengthening the chamber, but also reaming a new forcing cone ahead of the chamber. Also the 3" recievers are designed and heat treated accordingly for the heavier stresses, although a 2 3/4" and 3' reciever may look the same, they are not........................