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    This is actually not "old" news, but it's been around for a little while. I thought we already had a thread going on it somewhere...

    Yes, just like anything else where someone blames the inanimate object instead of the person doing the crime, it's ridiculous, ludicrous, asinine, and there really is no word or combination of words that describe just how incredibly, unbelievably STUPID this is.

    How about punishing the criminals when they're caught, instead of giving them a slap on the wrist and a turning them back out onto the street?



    i LOVE how ol' boy says that "1/3 of the 'recovered' firearms came from shops from the suburbs." this is what makes them wanna tax ammo and firearms more........WTF? and just how many didjur city recover last year??????????????????
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    Here's a thought... How about next time a gang-banger comes in for treatment over a GSW, you friggin actually charge him for the medical care provided. And if he can't pay, then take away his government handouts until its equivalent to what he owes the hospital.
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    Another damn good question, just how many of those were gotten through theft and murder? I still have yet to see any evidence that LAC's are the real culprits for gun crime epidemics.

    Better yet, just take his guvvy handouts and never give them back. Tell him to pray to the God of his choosing that he survives the injuries and almost certain onset of infection long enough to enter into the prison system and receive treatment there, where he can then work off the tab being employed by the state at less than minimum wage doing laundry for hospitals, stamping license plates, picking up trash, and doing maintenance on government vehicles owned by the local municipality, county, and state.
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    So they want to tax legal guns and ammo again....How bout taxing gang bangers when they show up at the hospital with a gun shot wound, how bout taxing a convicted felon who gets caught with a firearm, how bout taxing dipship politicians who violate the Constitution......How bout a tax on political TV ads.