Can questions from a beginner.

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  1. apk nole

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    I have been looking into getting a suppressor, and have a few questions.

    The goal for me is to get the quietest pistol possible, be it 9mm, .45, .40 .380 and so on.

    From what I understand, the slower the bullet (sub sonic), the quieter the shot you can achieve. On the other hand, the larger the caliber, the more expensive the unit seems to get.

    Does anyone have any experience with the different brands? THe recommendation I got from the local shot was a YHM Cobra 9mm. They are asking 300 + tax.

  2. hillbilly68

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    True, slower and smaller the round, the quieter it will be.
    Take a look at
    He is a Class III dealer, and has a lot of experience with these. He will be happy to explain the ins and outs of the suppressor world.


  3. Dgunsmith

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    YHM Excellent

    We sell a lot of supressors and Yankee Hill Machine makes a fine product with a great warranty, presicion machined at a reasonable price.

    Subsonic will always be the quietest our of a supressor.

    You will enjoy being able to enjoy your pistol without having to wear hearing protection :D
  4. apk nole

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    I will check that site out, thanks.

    I know it will be enjoyable to shoot with the supressor, I really can't wait.... but I have a ways to go and more research to do before I am there.

    I have a local shop asking around 300 for a YHM 9mm cobra, he says it's a great quality product. I am leaning towards 9mm also because of the choices in ammo and the lower price of the can/ammo.

    Thanks for the input guys! I will let you know how it turns out. With the uncertainty of the upcoming election, I want to secure mine ASAP...... we don't know what lies on the road ahead!!!