Can I get Class 3 while deployed?

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  1. OneOneBravo

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    Hello everyone,

    I am deployed at the moment in Afghanistan. Is there anyway that I can apply for my class 3 license while I am here? I would love to purchase some class 3 type firearms accessories so I can have some toys to play with at the range when I get back home!

  2. c3shooter

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    No, because there IS no such things as a class 3 license.

    Now, pay attention- there will be a quiz later.

    You want to buy a legal full auto? OK- assuming your STATE laws allow that, you need a (1) BIG wallet ( a LEGAL M16 that can be TRANSFERRED to a private citizen is about $12,000) and (2) Find a Firearms Dealer in your state that is licensed to sell Class III (notice the Roman numberals) firearms. That dealer will guide you though the process of applying for transfer of the firearm to yourself. YOU do not get the license. You DO get a registration form with a pretty $200 stamp attached to it.

    The is also a TYPE 3 (notice type, not class?) Federal Firearms License. This is a Collector's license for Curio & Relic Firearms. Those are guns in their original configuration that are 50 years old or older, or are on a list published by the ATF (like all Colt Woodsman pistols) A few full auto weapons are covered under that license, but you still need to do paperwork with ATF on the transfer- and THOSE guns are even MORE expensive (price of a 1928 Thompson will make you weep)

    And until you get out of the sandbox, wait.

  3. MrM4

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    There is no reason why you could not buy a NFA Item while deployed, its not uncommon for guys to have forms mailed over and then mailed to atf later on. If you have a wife or good freind who can get the Forms to a LEO for the sign off and if you can find some place over there to do your prints you are set.

    If your buying from a dealer out of state all the Dealer to Dealer stuff can happen while your over then and when you get home you could do your paper work if you did not want to mail it back and forth.

    C3 shooter is right , there is no licence. Just a form you fill out.

    If you serious about buying something in the Class 3 world shoot me an IM and I can give you the run down.

  4. NavyEngineer

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    Good advice above. I'm also deployed to Afghanistan, and purchased an NFA item this deployment. I sent the dealer (David Spiwak) a personal check, and he shipped it to my local dealer once the transfer was approved. I completed the paperwork to transfer the item to me while I was home on R&R, and the transfer to me should be approved and the item ready to pick up when I return from deployment.
  5. GunNut

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    As procedure requires for a non-license to obtain an NFA weapon you must use an ATF Type 01, 02, 07 or 08 FFL who has an SOT endorsement of the appropriate type for their FFL (Class 1, 2 or 3) in your state of residence to obtain the NFA Weapon. And since it may take between two and five months for the Form to come back approved to the SOT; there may be enough time for you to pull it off if you time things right.