Can i carry?

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  1. rferguson61

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    I'm a pyrotechnic and on the 3rd of July i camp at my site so that no one messes with it. We shoot from a city might be VA property but I'm not sure. Am i allowed to carry there? I live in Oregon if that helps.
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    The appropriate thing to do is discuss this with the local police and determine who owns the property.

    Then proceed through the correct channels. You may have to be identified as part of a security team.

    I know it is a vague answer, but I cannot give legal advice.
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  3. Doc3402

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    In Florida the answer would probably be no based on the pyrotechnic aspect.

    Florida law forbids most employers from even asking if an employee has a firearm in the car. This law does not apply to pyrotechnic suppliers or operators. They can ask if you have a firearm and deny you the right to possess or store a firearm on their property.

    I would check with local law enforcement, your employer, and the property owner.
  4. rferguson61

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    Per BATFE there can't be firearms on the site when explosives are present...for obvious reasons...but there won't be any the night I'm staying there. I'm going to check into the ability to carry on the property.
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    Different states have different rules. And rules change somewhat frequently. A good example of a change was here in Georgia. Some rookie jackwagon cop pulled a guy over for speeding in a school zone. While performing the stop, he asked if the driver had any weapons. The guy had a handgun in the car with him. Now, in Georgia your car is considered an extension of your home, so you don't need a permit as long as the gun is still in the car. However, the jackwagon cop upon hearing he had a firearm in the car, arrested the driver on charges of having a gun on school property. We all know the school rules of zero tolerance for weapons and tobacco . So the guy gets hauled off to jail and his car impounded. He had to take the fight to court, where he won and Georgia re-wrote the law, with the change of you can have a firearm in your car on school property as long as you don't park or exit the car. So, rules can be strange and change without notice.