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Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by tsniper88, Dec 28, 2008.

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    I'm introducing my wife to the sport of hunting, I've purchased her a rossi three caliber combo .22, .243, and 20 gauge.. We are planning on going on a guided hunt here in South Carolina next fall. Our nearest rifle range is an 1 and half hour ride.. Can we zero her rifle using the factory ballistic charts for her round, at 35 yards and it be zero at 100?
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    Get here close

    They say that here in Wisconsin the average shot taken at a whitetail is 35 yards, and from my experience where I hunt, this is correct. I hunt mainly hardwood forests and probably have taken only one whitetail over fifty yard.

    From what I understand a .243 is a pretty flat shooter. Find ammunition that will consistently paper well at 35 yards with that firearm and most of the battle has been won. At 100 yards you should be within one inch of zero, or close enough for a clean kill on a broadside or quartering away shot. The vertical kill-zone (lungs / heart) on a broadside whitetail is minimally six inches.

    Also, check with the outfitter because now days it is popular for outfitters to have areas set aside for checking zero on your firearm. Shoot Straight, Be Safe, Hunter Joe

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    Sight it in to where it's about 3/4" low at 35 yards and it will be dead on at 100 yards if you have an 40mm scope mounted roughly 1.5" above bore line.
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    Stalking Bear is right! .5 in low at 25 yrds does the same trick. If you can get her into hunting your a stud and she is the queen!! Been trying for 25 years to get mine to try hunting. May will be her first hunt ever. Wild European boars, she's practicing with her bow now. I'm so excited for her I don't even care if I get mine:D