Can anyone explain Gallery of Guns to me?

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    Someone recommended this website to me, but when I go there I'm still lost about what you actually pay. They have these high prices listed, but when I get the quote it shows me a total, but then mentions a deposit, and then that I'm due to pay some fee to the FFL. I'm copy pasting one example that I looked up:


    Fees: $19.95
    Taxes: $29.94
    Total: $548.89
    GOG Deposit: ($145.60)
    Due at Pickup: $403.29

    So my question I paying $499 and literally nothing more to buy this gun? Or am I paying that $548.89 price? There are too many things here that don't mesh well in my head, and I'm sure this makes sense to someone who's bought from there but I have not and it's confusing me. Can someone please explain this to me? Their website FAQ didn't really cover this and their descriptions still make me uneasy that I'll think I'm buying it for $499 and get there and pay $403.29 and then the fees and their deposit and end up paying $548.89 despite it telling me it's only $499. If that makes sense? Eh I'm just so :confused::confused::confused: about this.
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    The fees amount of $19.95 is the shipping charge to the dealer in your area. The sales tax of $29.94 is the local sales tax rate for the dealer in your area. That is included in the total price of $548.89 which is the actual total price you would pay for the gun. GOG deposit of $145.60 is the down payment required to process the order and ship this gun to your local dealer. $403.29 is the balance due to the dealer in your area that accepts the gun for delivery to you.

    Hope this clears up any questions you asked. $499 is your real price but you have to pay sales tax for your local area and the shipping fee of $19.95 to get the gun to your local dealer.

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    Ahh, I get you. So the gun's "cost" is $499 but after fees and stuff the total is my actual out of pocket. Thanks, I get it now - it is a bit misleading the way they have "Your price" like that's the total cost. Should say that's the cost of the gun and then have the total at the bottom for the whole thing.
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    When you buy a car at the dealer, it's $13,995.

    Plus tax, tags, title, dealer prep, processing fee, transportation fee, etc etc etc etc.

    Say, would you like windshield wipers on that car? They are very popular now....