camping improvisations

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  1. vance

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    There's always something forgotten, lost or accidentally destroyed while out in the sticks...

    what cool things have you guys come up with to get the job done?

    "Berry, where's the skillet?" "*hitty... in the garage"... Damn pass me that shovel.

  2. dango

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    I once used the Hood of an old car , " Early 40's something", to get an injured guy out of the wilds..,(SNOW)..!

    Also , used some junk pallets to build an emergancy canopy while stuck in a Freak snow storm with a "Gore-Tex" Bivy sack..!

    Slept with heated rocks from my camp fire after a minor accident in the bed of my truck..!

    I got a million of them..! Keep this alive till Sunday , this thread could be fun..!

    Used skis as a stable base to pull my dumb self out of a pond..!

    Used cheap hamock and truck Tire , "inter-tube" to cross a river and keep my stuff (Gear and Cloths) dry.

    Boil water in a "Paper Cup"..! A million of them..See Yaa..!

    Made sun-screen (Sun-Glasses) out of a piece of card-board , (Snow-Blind).!

    ETC.-> I'll be back..!

  3. orangello

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    Always wanted to try making a soup bowl out of a fresh bear skull. :D
  4. dango

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    ^ The trick is getting the "BEAR" to cooperate..! Eeeek..! Say "Please".!
  5. boatme98

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    Screw it.
    At my age, just say "room service".
  6. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Friend was going to be doing night fishing and have a campsite- did not have a lantern. He used a brick, two coat hangers, and a quart of kerosene.

    Select a brick that is the 3 hole variety. Put brick in large tin can, filling with kerosene. Let soak for a full 24 hrs. Store in plastic bags.

    To use, unbend coat hanger, run one end thru a hole in brick. Hang brick using hanger. Light brick. Will burn several hours.

    Before I had a backpacker's candle lantern, I had a soda can lantern. Take pocket knife, cut door about 2 inches wide, and 3 inches tall in side of soda can. Bend poptop tab straight up, use unbent paper clip to hang lantern. Put tea light candle in can. Shiny aluminum makes reflector, can shields candle from wind. One will nicely light up a 12x20 trail shelter sized structure for a few hours.
  7. Rentacop

    Rentacop Well-Known Member

    Can't say I've invented any but here are some things people have done :
    Make a bowl out of aluminum foil .

    Make a charcoal stove by removing both ends of a coffee can, perforating the can and filling with charcoal .

    Put a can of Sterno or similar fuel on top of a steel plate and use it to heat the inside of your truck while you do something else . After 15 minutes, the truck is toasty, so extinguish the sterno and bed down for a nap in the warm truck .

    Two candles can heat a car if you get stuck beside the road .

    I used a sleeping bag stuff sack as an emergency mosquito head net . The sack was of a thin nylon I could breathe through.

    A camp councelor I knew slept on his back with a towel over his face to ward off mosquitos .

    The Seminole Indians in Florida slept in hammocks over fires so the smoke would keep the mosquitos off of them . They refused to leave that idyllic life for the reservations and the gamble ( or should I say the gambling ) has paid off LOL .

    You can improvise " Ho Chi Minh " sandals from old tires . Use the tread for the sole and pieces of sidewall as straps .

    If the ground is too rocky, sleep on top of your sleeping bag and use spare clothing as a pillow or cushion.

    I read that the Aborigine heroine of Follow the Rabbit-proof Fence cooked rabbits in their skins .

    I read that British troops, the " Desert Rats " of WWII, made a stove called a " Benghazi ". It consisted of a soup can half-filled with sand dampened with gasoline. Vent holes were punched around the top of the can . You lit it by tossing a match to the gasoline . Then you set a cooking vessel on top . This sounds extremely dangerous . Do not attempt it unless you are experienced in playing around with matches and gasoline LOL .
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