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Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Jon12312, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Jon12312

    Jon12312 New Member

    Is it legal/smart to bring a shotgun camping/hiking just in case? Need help asap! Please. It will be on the AT.
  2. rifleman1

    rifleman1 New Member

    its legal unless your in a camp ground that does not allow firearms. i personally always carry when i go camping for saftey and to shoot for fun.

  3. mountainman13

    mountainman13 New Member

    Not sure about your local laws. I usually keep my ccw on me. You should check with local Leo and fish and game. You don't want to get hit for hunting without a license or anything.
  4. NativH

    NativH New Member

    Camping is no different than any other place or time. A 5" 1911 is on my right hip except at work, since I do need the paycheck. Places that don't allow me to enter with my weapon are places I don't visit. OK, if I have to go to the hospital due to a life threatening injury or disease, I guess I'll just have to take my chances without the 1911. But other than that.................
  5. MOAGunsmiths

    MOAGunsmiths New Member

    A law was passed in my state Indiana allowing you to carry in state Parks which was illegal before now.
  6. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    The Appalachian Trail runs from Georgia to Maine. Could you maybe be just a TAD more specific?

    Some of it is in National Parks, much of it on private property. Some is in gun friendly states, some not.

    When I do stretches of the AT in Virginia, I carry a sidearm. I have a CCW and can legally do that even in National Parks (a lot of the AT in VA in in Shenandoah National Park). The shotgun you may have an issue with, since no hunting is permitted in a National Park, and the Rangers DO have a problem with poachers.

    BTW, my biggest concern on at AT is predators with 2 legs, not 4.
  7. RsLith

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    I live in Southern Indiana and am thrilled that they allow firearms in state parks. I carry every time I leave the house except going to work. I work for Indiana Department of Corrections. Just to clarify though DNR run facilities in Indiana and the Indiana State Fair still do not allow guns on their property.

    And the best advice anyone can ever give anyone about carrying a firearm to a place you are unsure of is Check Local and State Laws. I cannot stress that enough. They are not that difficult to look up and spending 20 minutes reading up on laws is much better then being charged with something you didn't even know was illegal.