Camp Perry & Strippe Upper?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by monteros, Jul 10, 2013.

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    Anyone know if I would have a chance of scoring a stripped upper from a vendor at Camp Perry if I went? I have never gone, and my father, a Vietnam Vet, would like to go with me. So, we are going, should be fun :) Was thinking of trying to buy gear to finish my AR while there.

    Since I have never been, I don't know if it’s even an option, I called Rock River, and they basically couldn't have been more ambiguous about it, didn’t know when they were showing up, when they would be ready to open, or what they would be bringing. I get it, scarcity and all... was hoping I might be able to find something in person though :) might be nice to try and match an upper that fits well to my lower.
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    For those who have never been to Camp Perry and seen the company stores on Vendors Row! I would encourage you to go. Sometimes they do have seconds (Lowers) for sale there at a fair price as well as parts kits and other items. There is nothing dimensionally wrong with them only a very slight cosmetic defect that does not affect the operation of the receiver at all. Most of them are a result of the glass bead blasting process where the operator missed a spot when blasting. When anodized this causes a shiny spot on the receiver! Therefore it is a second. The only thing is all the new laws in your own state will apply at Camp Perry. Otherwise if they are restricted in your state you will not be allowed to purchase. There are also normally better deals on rifles than the normal from the factory or any dealer. Also DCM has there store open during the National Matches. The best time to go for rifle folks is the first week of High Power Competition. Some of the company stores that will be there is Rock River Arms Inc. Springfield Armory, Armalite, Bushmaster, Fulton Armory, some parts companies and others. However if you are traveling from a distance most hotels are booked up a year in advance so you may have to stay in Sandusky, Toledo or other cities in the area to find a room. It is a great event and lots to see! If you are going, look me up at the Rock River Store from July 27th-Aug 2nd. Ask for LT. Since Mark Larson the President of RRA passed away two months ago. Chuck Larson the VP called and ask as a favor if I would come up and help them run the Company Store this year at the Nationals. Hope to see you! LT.


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    Monteros, Camp Perry should be a wonderful trip for you and your Dad! What a great time you should have!

    Definitely look up Sniper, especially since you're interested in the RRA upper. You're new here so may not know he's a highly respected member here at FTF. Of course be sure you're legal when transporting your lower. Even if it's stripped, it's still legally a firearm. I probably wouldn't take it just to get a cosmetic match to an upper since open carry and concealed carry laws apply.