Cameras prevent crime

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by partdeux, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. partdeux

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    Yep, heard it during a local news broadcast about an early morning robbery at a hotel.

    Funny side story, acquaintance I went to high school with lives right around the corner from that hotel, and it's in a fairly expensive neighborhood. He loves to highlight news stories and suggest people need to move to safer neighborhoods.
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  2. MisterMcCool

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  3. Pasquanel

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    I have some on my place.
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  4. Dallas53

    Dallas53 Well-Known Member

    yes they do. nothing will deter a determined thief from robbing you. they may prevent some from robbing you, but will not stop all.

    they can be valuable piece of evidence to gain a conviction in court though.
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  5. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Cameras prevent crime, huh?

    Hey! I just had a GREAT idea! Let's put cameras in banks! That way- no bank robberies!

    How come nobody else thought of that????

    Wait- what? Oh.

  6. Artbrownsr

    Artbrownsr Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    Maybe keep a hesitant fella from robbing you if they knew it was there. More likely camouflage it and it will record the attempt and MAYBE give the police enough evidence to make an arrest and the prosecutor enough to convict. Still that's better than nothing.
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  7. AZdave

    AZdave Well-Known Member

    The news tonight had how most cameras are made in China. The Chinese have a back door through the internet to view these images. Like who is going in and out of government buildings.

    It is only 36 years after big brother, but who knew he was Chinese?
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  8. jigs-n-fixture

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    Yep, and a lot of the programmable logic controllers used in a lot of the industrial processes, and infrastructure such as water, sewer, and power, are also made by foreign factories. My fear is they have backdoors built in that will allow them to be remotely controlled in a manner to collapse the infrastructure our society depends on.
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  9. Greg_r

    Greg_r Well-Known Member

    They are great evidence. But like all great evidence you would be surprised how much they are contested and not allowed.

    Just yesterday I was in court as a witness for the prosecution about the validity of the video. In today's digital world, it's not too hard to alter.

    I sometimes wish for the old days. The Polaroid was never questioned!
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  10. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    If I put up a camera someone would probably steal it.
  11. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    A property designed and installed security system cannot be accessed from the www, and has it's recording devices "on prem."

    It should be separate and apart from the "alarm" system.
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  12. Greg_r

    Greg_r Well-Known Member

    Our cameras are mobile. They not connected to the web. They communicate using cell towers.

    Our old cameras also did not communicate via the web. I had to have the SD card in hand and download
    It ran proprietary software and was encripted.
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  13. aarondhgraham

    aarondhgraham Active Member

    Just last summer I was accosted by two loud-mouthed punk teenagers,,,
    The only thing that kept me from beating the crap out of them,,,
    Was the security camera on the building wall.

    So yes, they do provide some small deterrent.


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  14. Dallas53

    Dallas53 Well-Known Member

    i agree. by itself, a video or picture from a security camera could be contested, but they make great supporting evidence.

    our shop was broken into a few years ago. and yes, we have security cameras that recorded the break-in and robbery. the video was used as supporting evidence in the case against the intruder. (the intruder was a former employee that was fired a few weeks prior for theft.) when my brother and i viewed the video we knew exactly who the intruder was depsite his hoodie and mask! with the other evidence found, along with the video, they were able to secure a conviction.
  15. MisterMills

    MisterMills Active Member

    Yes, they must prevent crime, my bank has 12 camera's in the lobby, and I feel real safe! Now, if someone were waiting down the block to rob me, the cameras would not catch that.;)
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  16. microadventure

    microadventure Active Member

    Cameras are exactly as effective as gun free zones.

    I have 20 working, and 4 more on the way. There is no place you are not on 3 cameras. If you do not know the person on screen you may not be able to identify their gender or age. You need eye level cams for ID and high cams for location.

    You want the data stored off site if your opposition might torch the place.
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  17. Dallas53

    Dallas53 Well-Known Member

    cameras by themselves are not going to prevent criminal activity. they are when used with other security measures a good option to add in.

    my thoughts are this on the matter. if someone is determined enough to steal from you, and they have the time and resources, they will gain entrance to your property, and take what they want.

    i think the trick is to find a way to make it unattractive to thieves in the first place. also make it as difficult as possible. most thieves want to get in and out as quickly as possible without making noise if they are able to. the do not want undue attention to their activities. strong doors and windows are one area should always be factored in, because these are usually the first points of entry for thieves. good windows and doors are a must. a security system with loud alarm is another good thing. along with cameras as way of recording if they do gain entrance. outside cameras may deter some thieves, but not the determined one. if possible, a dog is another good line of defense. sometimes just having a dog may deter a thief as well.

    there are numerous articles on home security on the internet. along with ideas on ways to improve the security of your home. i would suggest taking some time and reading up and doing some research, then take a careful look around your home to see what areas are lacking, and what can be done to beef up your homes security. and some ideas and methods are not necessarily expensive, and some can be done rather inexpensively as well. some could be rather expensive, like updating the doors and windows of your home with much better and more secure items. and with doors, it doesn't matter how well built the door is you have if the doorjambs are weak. those too need to be reinforced as well.

    the harder, or less attractive a home is to break into, the less chances it could happen.
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  18. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    Data can be stored off site without any public access.

    Facial recognition software can ID most pukes.

    Cameras are like guns. If used properly they can prevent a significant amount of crime.
    But you need someone who knows how to use them effectively.
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  19. Mosin

    Mosin Well-Known Member

    Cameras do prevent crime. It's another brick in the wall of your fortress. The more bricks you have, the safer you are. The balancing act is to use enough bricks to cause your adversary to seek another target, but not so many bricks that you find yourself trapped inside.
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  20. Balota

    Balota ... but I used to play keyboards. Staff Member

    Cameras may deter the criminals smart enough to recognize how the camera represents a real risk to their freedom. Cameras may help identify and prosecute the criminals that are not that smart. In either case, they do some good.
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