Camera Land's Deal of the Day 7/31/2013

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    Camera Land's One Day Only Vortex Sports Optics Event

    Whether you can make it in to meet the Vortex Tech rep on Wednesday July 31st or if you just call in, Wednesday the 31st is THE day to buy Vortex products. The deals are so special we cannot advertise them, but if you've been thinking of buying a Vortex then from now thru 6:30 PM Eastern time Wednesday July 31st is the time to pull the trigger.
    Binoculars - Riflescopes - Spotting Scopes - Rangefinders

    Doug, Joel, Neil or Scottie are the folks to speak with, or just ask to speak to the Vortex Rep for any technical information. 212-753-5128 is the # to call.

    This Vortex Sale Event is today only, July 31st, thru 6:30PM Eastern time only.

    Don't miss out on this very rare sale event.

    Thanks for your support