Camera Land Bought an Optics Close-Out

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    Camera Land Bought an Optics Close-Out

    In our quest to bring you super deals we have hit a home run. Kruger Optical made some binoculars and spotting scopes for Columbia Sportswear. Evidently, Columbia are not an optics retailer and decided to stick with clothing. I checked out the optics and they are nice. We worked a most favorable deal so we can bring these Columbia, by Kruger Optics to you at a greatly discounted price. These are from Kruger Opticals regular line, just packaged in Columbia Sportswear boxes.
    This is a wonderful opportunity to get some good optics super cheap (limited quantities).

    Timberline Series:

    #52006 8x42 Timberline only $79.99
    reduced from $199.95

    #52007 10x42 Timberine only $89.99 reduced from $219.95

    #52008 10x56 Timberline only $139.99 reduced from $319.95

    Backcountry Series:

    #53001 8x25 Backcountry only $79.99 reduced from $219.95

    #53004 8x42 Backcountry only $119.99 reduced from $329.95

    #53005 10x42 Backcountry only $129.99 reduced from $339.95

    #53006 10x50 Backcountry only $159.99 reduced from $399.95

    #53301 15-45x60 Spotting Scope only $149.99 reduced from $369.95

    #53302 20-60x80 Spotting Scope only $179.99 reduced from $419.95

    Malheur Series:

    #54001 10x32 Malheur only $109.99 reduced from $299.95

    #54002 10x42 Malheur only $139.99 reduced from $349.95

    #54301 15-45x60 Malheur Spotting Scope only $179.99 reduced from $419.95

    These will be ready to ship on Wednesday 12/15, in time to arrive to you for Christmas.
    Please feel free to call Doug or Neil @ 212-753-5128 with any questions.
    This is a great chance to get a quality optic at the price of a basic glass.
    Thank you for all the support. Happy & Safe Holidays to all.