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Cambridge OH: it wasn't us

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Heritage Arms Gun Shows has been promoting the Cambridge Gun Show for several years now. Some months ago, another promoter scheduled a show for Dec. 22-23. They cancelled, but didn't care enough about folks to take the dates down off the web, so some people showed up at the "no-show."

We at Heritage Arms want y'all to know that we ain't them.

First of all, we've never cancelled a show yet. Those of you who were willing to brave the blizzard of Feb. 2010 to come to the gun show, found us there ready to roll.

Second, we really are from Ohio. Born and raised. Not that it's bad to be from somewhere else, but if you're from somewhere else, say so. Don't adopt a name like 'Buckeye,' open a PO box in Columbus, and act like you're from here when you ain't.

Third, if you want to know when our shows are, please visit us at and check out our Dates and Directions page. Check out the blog while you're there, too.

Finally, OUR Cambridge show will be Feb. 2-3. Hope to see you there!
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