calling all fnx .45 owners

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Kdub, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. Kdub

    Kdub New Member

    Been saving my pennies for a FNX .45 in flat dark earth. I want a high capacity 45 and I think this one fits the bill. Looking for feedback on what you like, what you don't like, etc.
  2. Kdub

    Kdub New Member

    No love? No Fnx owners?

  3. aandabooks

    aandabooks New Member

    Grip size is too large for my hands. Haven't shot one but I love my FNX9. Quality guns.
  4. bige91603

    bige91603 New Member

    The fnx is great but I recommended the sr45. Cheaper but just as good
  5. jjones45

    jjones45 New Member

    I actually went to a local gun store a few months ago to purchase a fnx45 or hk45. They didn't have an hk45 or I might have got it. When I held the fnx45 it felt like a good quality firearm but something just didn't make me have to have it. Plus it did feel like a huge weapon, but with 15 rounds of 45acp what do you expect. Long story short I ended up getting a sr45 and a bunch of target/self defense ammo. The sr45 is one heck of a gun and very accurate. More slimline. I do still think about getting an fnx45 from time to time but other guns have sparked my interest. I feel if it's comfortable for you to hold and you don't wanna carry it then go for it , you probably will not be disappointed
  6. Spedman

    Spedman New Member

    Love it. I swapped out the factory 15 round mag and installed the old FNX 14 round mag so it wouldn't stick out that much. It helped. It is an awesome gun. I like the fact that you can decock it. Making it more safe when you carry. I load mine and put it in double action mode by decocking it. Less likely to go off with a weak trigger pull. Now if you want a high capacity .45 that is thinner try a Para USA Black Ops double stack.
  7. Imurhuckleberry

    Imurhuckleberry Active Member

    I own one and it is a great gun. It is very large so carrying conceal will be difficult and bulky. I gave my brother a 450 marlin and he gave me his gun because the double stack grip was to large for his hands. It is very reliable and since I carry a full size 1911 and is my home defense gun this will replace my 1911 in the night stand. Once I purchase the suppressor for it I feel this will be my perfect setup to defend my home and wife without damaging my ears.
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  8. Chainfire

    Chainfire Well-Known Member Supporter

    I have never felt under-gunned with 9 rounds + an extra mag., in a pistol that actually fits the human hand.
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  9. Danoobie

    Danoobie Active Member

    I like the sights, it's ready to go, from the box, feeds hollow-points reliably,
    is accurate, hammer fired, FN, double stack, 15+1, DA/SA
    safety/decocker. Overall great pistol. It's my #1 HD go to gun.

    I'm big, so it fits my hands well, but it may be a little too big and heavy for
    regular concealed carry.
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