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    I just bought a 1895 Winchester made in 1897.
    I bought it for old army buddy who lives in northern California.
    My question is knowing the laws down there are numerous and ever changing.
    Can I ship this gun to him with out a ffl or do I or he need a c&r?
    I shipped a fairly modern model 94 from Nevada to Tenn. To a friend a while back and sent it through the us postal service to a ffl in Tenn. for him.
    I have bought and sent handguns rilfes and shot guns in normal states but never messed with a antique shipping.
    I can just keep the gun for him until he comes for a visit but would be nice to ship it on down for him if that is possible and not to much jumping through California hoops.
    So any of you from California have any suggestions for me.
    I went into the California laws to read up but don't have 100 years to read and try and understand there double worded vague laws.
    They change constantly also.
    Thanks for any replies.
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    Don't know the state restrictions, but generally firearms made prior to 1898 are antiques and can be shipped directly.