California gun laws (My personal story)

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    When I was attacked in California (My personal story)

    I didn't know where to post this, but this is a personal story about me. It also proves that the strict Gun Laws in CA don't do anything.

    I was about 18 when I was shot at in San Bernadino, CA. Me and my Girlfriend were driving through the projects. I had no idea what the heck the projects were at the time because I was from a small town in New Mexico.

    When we passed through a four way stop a gang member had begun to open fire on us from behind. The first bullet zipped past my ear and punched a perfect hole in my windshield. The second one hit my brake light and the third one went through my GF's neck. The other two bullets failed to hit my truck at all. When I saw my girlfriend covered in blood, I slammed on the gas pedal and we sped out of there.

    Later on, a Police Officer told me that we were fired at because my truck resembled another rival gang members truck.

    Great, now my girlfriend is being rushed to emergency care because a violent moron mistaked me for someone else, just my luck.

    I couldn't sleep for a week. It's a scary and horrible feeling to get shot at. 4th of July came and kids were popping fireworks outside. I stayed inside the whole day.

    A year later, when I started going to school in Los Angeles. I had just moved into my dorm and it turned out my dorm roommate was a gangmember. He always wore red and would throw parties. One morning I awoke to see a mysterious individual passed out on our couch. I went into the kitchen for breakfast and found something hidden under an empty bag of cheetos. It was a loaded 9mm handgun with a high capacity magazine (it was a Taurus 24/7). I immediately switched dorm rooms, I didn't tell anyone why, because I feared for my life. They were members of the Bloods and I didn't want to be on their hit list or anything.

    Any other person would have become anti-gun from all that happened, but I didn't. I grew up with guns, I respected them because my father had taught me to. I shot my first firearm when I was five and I took hunter safety when I was twelve. I knew that it was not the gun, but the person behind it. First thing I did when I returned home to New Mexico from college was purchase a handgun. Then I trained with my old friends who had become police officers and border patrol agents. I was determined to not become the victim. I knew that I had a responsibility to protect myself, my family and my friends in the future.

    Don't rely on gun laws to save your life. Rely on yourself.
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    Wow!! May I ask what happened to the girlfriend? I sure hope everything turned out OK.

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    your story hits the root of it. gun control only controls guns in the hands of law abiding citizens.

    the police dont protect anyone other than just by dumb luck stumbling across a crime in progress. police just count the bullet holes and pick up the bodies.

    police are a reactionary force that respond to a crime that has already occured. their presence makes libs feel good and safe. my 5 years as a mp and it was always after the fact. it is up to each citizen to provide for their own defense.
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    She's fine, the bullet had traveled through her neck and missed her spine by a half inch. It took her longer to recover mentally from the incident, she was never the same person again.

    thanks for asking :)
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    This is all to true. I guarentee the day that BG shows up at my place to rob it the cops wont be in tow. its really a false sence of safety. I really wish i could get my CCW while im stationed here but no such luck with that. I keep a loaded 1911 beside the bed for now.
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    I was born and raised in San Bernardino and there are areas there that I will not drive through, armed or not......
    My dad, brother and myself were all LE there.