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    :eek: The California Assembly wants to pass AB2062. This bill would limit the Ammo you could buy. A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN would have to fill out an application and pay a 35.00 Doller Tax (Fee for the Liberals) and wait 30 days for a permit. Then you can buy 50 Rds. a month from a licensed ammo dealer with your thumb print. If they can't get your guns they will go after your ammo. Who knows, ammo in California might be a better money maker for the criminals then Drugs. When will the Pinheads in Government see the light that it's not the LAW ABIDING CITIZENdoing the crimes. Last time I checked I think it's the CRIMINALSthat don't obey the laws, so how will this stop crime? It won't, but they can feel better about it.
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    You think that's bad, Here in Maryland the government was trying pass a bill requiring ammo makers to put a serial number on every round sold in Maryland. Therefore the owners of these rounds would have to be accountable for all this bullet ID paperwork and be arrested if every piece of ammo wasn't accounted for.They also were going to tax every bullet sold 5 cents. Basically trying to stop flow of ammo into the state by assuming companies like Remington and Winchestor wouldn't comply with the state's new law. Needless to say,even in Maryland lol.. it was shot down (pun intended)

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    can they really do that???
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    Nothing coming out of California is surprising anymore.

    Ted Kennedy has been pushing for legislation to ban some or all ammo for a long time. In New York, Assembly moron David Koon tried to ban frangible ammo, claiming it is "armor piercing". Idiot.

    It is looking like things will get worse before they get better. So, buy whatever firearms you want now while you can, stock up on ammo, and buy replacement parts that wear (springs firing pins, etc.).
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    The Illinois goverment just defeated a bill that would require ammo to have a lazer engraved number on every bullet and casing. Decided it wold be dangerous to have the equiptment near the ammo plus the cost would all but close the Winchester ammo plant in Alton Il,. :confused: