Calico with 100 Magazines - My Favorite 22 Rifles

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    I purchased my first Calico 22, the M-105 Sporter rifle, back in 1988 and have fired somewhere between 140 and 160 thousand rounds through it thus far.

    This is my best estimate since I did not keep precise rounds-fired records in the past as I do now. With my newer Calico M-100FS rifle, purchased in June of 2006, the rounds fired thus far exceed 39 thousand.

    These rifles run flawlessly and with 22 ammo still relatively inexpensive to shoot, you can shoot all day long for a few dollars.

    Safe Shooting!

    You can view Calico Light Weapon Systems Home Page at:
  2. allmons

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    But how much do these toys cost?


  3. billt

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    I had no idea they were still being made. Bill T.
  4. big shrek

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    Still being made...but the dang fools ain't moved the plant outta California yet.

    Allmons...I got my M-110P (pistol version) for $300 at the Feb Gun Show in Pensacola, FL. Shop carefully and avoid the online auctions (overpriced) and you should do fine. Most proper gun shops will also put you on a "Wish List" and give you a call if one comes in. I'm first call in my area for any Grendel 30/31's that show up as well as Calico's :)
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    I saw one for sale brand spanking new the other day. model M100S still in factory packaging. Just out of curiosity.... how much do you reckon it'd be worth?? They were asking 2500 AUD for it. Unfortunately even if i had the money Australian gun laws prohibit me from owning anything with a mag capacity of more than 15 rounds without major licencing issues. You need an official purposes (category D) licence which basically means you have to work for the government in some kind of vermin exterminating capacity, eg department of lands.*sigh*