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    So wiki has a good page telling about the different calibers our there located here ( Caliber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) ... I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with it.

    Is there a similar page somewhere that explains what exactly certain rounds are good for? For example, what is the real difference between a .30-30 and say a .270 ... or a .30-06 and a .303 ... or a 7mm and a .338 ... or a .338 Lapua and a .338 RUM ... just something along the lines of suggested ranges they are good for, size game, etc. I know you can find a lot of scattered info all about but nothing sort of all in one stop.

    I'm just curious.
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    I have a couple of bookcases that hold that sort of information- not one book. And you are always going to have the "Tastes Great! Less Filling!" sort of debate.

    A good start (and it is only a start) is Cartridges of the World. But even with 400 pages of a BRIEF description of a round, what firearm used it, and its specs, it is a LONG read. And even THAT does not cover ALL of the various cartridges.

    PS- the Wikipedia entry is not even a START- glanced at it- they skipped one of my favorite rifles- Swiss 7.5x55.
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    In my experience with firearms, cartridges, calibers, and ect I find(found) that it takes mainly just years of research and hands on experience to develop a fair amount of knowledge on the subject. Books, videos, forums, gunshops, and all are good places to do your research. I've had an interest in firearms since I was a young child and it's taken me probably 10-15 years to acquire all the knowledge I have on firearms.
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    Most of my favorite calibers look like something you would hand granny according to Sammi. Thay have no clue! C3 I also have books. Much better info. I really enjoy the ones from the 1920's. They tell the true story.
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    I like this site,I refer to it alot Beartooth Bullets > Ballisticians Corner

    especial the section under "Thornily Stopping Power",it will tell you what a certain bullet in a certain weight and diameter going a certian velocity is good for when it comes to hunting.
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    Marshall is awesome!