Caliber recoil question

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by circa81, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. circa81

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    Which out of these three, each in a stout SD load, has less perceived recoil in a revolver: 45 acp, 44 special, or 45 colt?
  2. trip286

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    I think they're all pretty similar.

  3. mes227

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    I shoot all three out of N-frame S&Ws with 4" barrels, so about as close identical revolvers as you can reasonably get: .45acp from a 625JM, .45Colt from a 625 Mountain Gun, and the .44Spc from a 629 Mountain gun. There is only a slight difference between them. From memory, I'd rank them this way (lightest to strongest):

    .44 Special
    .45 acp
    .45 Colt

    My standard range loads, though, are not the same bullet weights. I tend to shoot the lightest from the .44Special and the heaviest from the .45Colt, and that could be the difference in recoil. None of the three can be considered strong recoil - they are all easy to manage. I also shoot both .45s out of an alloy frame Governor and .45acp out of an alloy frame Night Guard, and the lighter frames give stronger recoil but both are still very manageable.